20 Gifts For Anyone Who Likes Dogs More Than People

by Team Scary Mommy
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There is nothing like the pure, unconditional love of dogs.

They’re always excited to see us, and always sad to see us leave. If it were up to them, they’d literally follow us everywhere. And they even go out of their way to cheer us up when we’re feeling down.

They’re also an excellent excuse to avoid talking to people at parties. In fact, dog people know that puppers are cooler than most people.

Here are some must-haves for the people in your life who love dogs:

1. “Easily Distracted” Tee

Image via Walmart

This “Easily Distracted” Tee speaks the truth. And I have no shame in how easily distracted I am by them.

2. “Because People Suck” Mug

Image via Walmart

A “Because People Suck” Mug is perfect for people who get it. Stay woke.

3. “Life Is Better” Tote Bag

Image via Walmart

This “Life Is Better” Tote Bag features one of our all-time favorite dogs and is great for lugging stuff to and from the dog park.

4. “Home Is Where” Magnet

Image via Walmart

A “Home Is Where” Magnet is a sentiment that any dog owner/lover will appreciate.

5. Corgi Planters

Image via Walmart

These Corgi Planters are adorable and are sure to liven up any space with some cute pupper plants.

6. “Dogs Make Me Happy” Water Bottle

Image via Walmart

This 17 oz. “Dogs Make Me Happy” Water Bottle also says “You, not so much” in fine print at the bottom, so this is basically my life motto.

7. “Only Talking to My Dog” Tee

Image via Walmart

An “Only Talking To My Dog” Tee is a must-have for introverts who don’t have energy for anyone but our four-legged friends.

8. “Dogs Welcome” Dish Towel

Image via Walmart

This “Dogs Welcome” Dish Towel makes it clear that all dogs are welcome and humans are merely tolerated.

9. “Pug Life” Hoodie

Image via Walmart

This “Pug Life” Hoodie is an adorable tribute to moms who love rap music almost as much as we love our doggos.

10. “I Like Big Mutts” Sign

Image via Walmart

An “I Like Big Mutts” Sign is another great gift for anyone with a big dog and a sense of humor.

11. “Crazy Dog Lady” Tote Bag

Image via Walmart

This “Crazy Dog Lady” Tote Bag is perfect for letting people know that there’s a better alternative to being a crazy cat lady.

12. “I Just Want To” Mug

Image via Walmart

An “I Just Want To” Mug is a must-have for those of us who have two main passions: Drinking coffee and rescuing dogs.

13. Frenchie Sheet Set

Image via Walmart

This adorable Frenchie Sheet Set is a great gift idea for people who even dream about rescuing more dogs.

14. “If I Can’t Bring My Dog” Tee

Image via Walmart

An “If I Can’t Bring My Dog” Tee makes your priorities very clear to the people around you.

15. Frenchie Stemless Glass

Image via Walmart

This 17 oz. Frenchie Stemless Glass has a French Bulldog doing a stretch. Perfect for dog lovers who also love wine.

16. Boston Stemless Glass

Image via Walmart

Or there’s this 17 oz. Boston Stemless Glass for any proud owners of Boston Terriers.

17. Corgi Bottle Stopper

Image via Walmart

A Corgi Bottle Stopper is another great gift for people who love to stay home with their dog and drink wine.

18. “Be Persistent” Tote Bag

Image via Walmart

This “Be Persistent” Tote Bag reminds us how tenacious puppers can be… especially when it comes to food. Just like me, to be honest.

19. Hooded Plush Throw

Image via Walmart

A Hooded Plush Throw is a fun, wearable blanket for kids who are growing up to love doggos, too.

20. “I Just Want To” Tee

Image via Walmart

This “I Just Want To” Tee says everything we’re thinking: That we just want to pet our dog and go to sleep. That is the gospel truth right there.

Dogs are loving, sweet, and won’t ever judge you for your life being a mess. Is there any wonder why we like them more than people?

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