‘Don’t Forget Dads’ Instagram Reminds Us Dads Don’t Babysit, They Parent

by Mike Julianelle
Image via Instagram

Instagram account puts focus on involved dads

As more and more dads become more and more involved in the parenting process, men everywhere are standing up and making sure they’re getting their due. An Instagram page called “Don’t Forget Dads” is adding its collection of father-focused photographs to the conversation.

Don’t Forget Dads has 116,000 followers on Instagram, where there are over 800 pictures of involved dads and devoted husbands doing far more than merely “babysitting” their kids.

These men are pictured feeding their children, cuddling with them, playing and working out, wearing them in carriers, and basically doing what engaged parents do all the time, regardless of their gender.

They also have a presence on Facebook, with their Don’t Forget Dads Facebook page, where they state their succinct mission: “Dads matter. Dads deserve support. Dads are loved.”

Dads of all stripes are represented in the photos, most of which are submissions by users, and none of which shy away from the messy realities of parenting.

Several of the photos showcase a t-shirt that focuses on a popular complaint among today’s involved fathers, that dads are babysitters instead of actual parents. The shirt can be purchased here.

As a dad who contributes to Scary Mommy and writes a parenting blog of my own, I feel these guys. Plenty of the photos on their social media accounts could easily be of me interacting with my two kids, and it’s great to see such a strong collection of dedicated dads getting some of the spotlight.

Dads are more involved than ever. One visit to the playground makes that impossible to deny. But despite that changing reality, it’s still taking time to change the general perception. Stereotypes can be hard to shed, but with accounts like “Don’t Forget Dads” giving us fathers some well-deserved credit, it won’t be long before the idea of dads being babysitters goes the way of the dodo.