This Book Illustrates Your First Year With Baby Almost Too Perfectly

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I was the most glamorous mom in the world — before I actually became one. I had visions of what my maternal life would look like. I’m pretty sure they where planted in my brain by Us magazine or something. I imagined myself seamlessly floating around town with my baby wrapped around my torso. I imagined laughing a lot, cooing at my baby endlessly, multitasking… sleeping.


For some of us, the first year of motherhood is a shit-show. I never would have imagined how high my tolerance for vomit-stained clothing would be. Or the hell a feeding baby could wreak on nipples. Or the insane amount of preparation and organization it takes you to simply leave your house.

Doodle Diary of a New Mom: An Illustrated Journey Through One Mommy’s First Year is probably the last book you want to buy someone who’s pregnant with her first child, but you should run out and get it for her after she’s given birth.

Lucy Scott managed to somehow illustrate the trials of my first year as a parent expertly — it was as if she was a fly on the wall in my little Brooklyn apartment. You may relate to some of her images as well, moms…

Yup. This, every time. Baby’s finally asleep. I just want a few minutes of mindless Facebook surfing. Can I have that, universe?

Yup. No one warned me about the “baby makeover.” Spoiler alert: it’s totally not a makeover.

Your nipple is a pacifier now. Deal with it.

You’ll never realize how sexy sleeping and not being touched by another human can be!

The first year isn’t all bad, but there are times when it is really overwhelming and exhausting. Comic relief is always good, as is the knowledge that other people are in the shit, too.

We need this book now!

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