Drew Barrymore Chokes Up During Reunion With Lucy Liu & Cameron Diaz

by Cassandra Stone
Drew Barrymore Hosts Emotional Reunion With 'Charlie's Angels' Co-Stars
Jarett Wieselman/Twitter

Drew Barrymore’s new talk show debuted with the Angels themselves, and it was emotional in the best way

Drew Barrymore has a brand-new, self-titled talk show and she kicked it off this week with a bang — a 20-year reunion of the Charlie’s Angels cast. Barrymore invited Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu on her show to celebrate the fact that Liu was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last year and the fact that it’s been two decades since Charlie’s Angels came out (the Destiny’s Child soundtrack still slaps, btw).

Aside from the reunion just being pure millennial nostalgia, it was extremely sweet and the talk between the three angels even took an emotional turn as they all talked about how important their friendship has been for the past 20 years — through career changes, marriages, divorces, and motherhood.

“I couldn’t begin this journey without two women who have been a part of my heart for over 20 years,” Barrymore said, introducing Liu and Diaz. “We are friends, we are fellow Angels. Please welcome my partners in crime and life, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz.”

Barrymore said that the three of them have remained close throughout the “big and important moments” in each of their lives, but their relationship goes deeper than that. “We’ve also been there in the small moments and the casual moments and the reason we are such good friends is because it’s real and we go through real stuff with each other. It’s not a Hollywood fairytale,” Barrymore said.

Diaz agreed, noting that they’ve been friends for such a significant portion of their lives. “Twenty years is a long time, y’all, I’m two years away from 50 — that’s nearly half my life,” Diaz said. “We have Charlie’s Angels as our backdrop that brought us together, but then we get to fill in all of life together and real moments, which I so appreciate. ”

Can we just talk about how each one of them looks literally exactly like they did twenty years ago in the film, perhaps even hotter, tbh? Liu noted that their friendship has adapted to the various changes occurring in each of their lives through the years.

“It’s our touchpoint, but we’ve obviously had that foundation and we’ve grown and learned and changed, and I know that 20 years has gone by, but I feel like it was yesterday,” Liu said.

At one point, each of them grew emotional talking about how much they value one another. Barrymore had tears in her eyes as she explained why she wanted to have her former co-stars on her very first show.

During the talk show, Barrymore opened up to Liu and Diaz about why she wanted to have them on her show for its very first episode.

“When I thought about trying to accomplish something big in my life at another point, you two are the people I did it with,” she said. “And so of course, what a natural fit that you’re the two people who came into my head and my heart when I thought, ‘how would I like to honor this endeavor?’ I see myself with you guys.”


Of course, the internet responded about how lovely this reunion was, particularly how choked up they all got talking about their beautiful friendship.

(Spoiler alert, yes she sure did and also please watch In Her Shoes if you haven’t because Toni Collette is a treasure.)


Dear 2020: more of this, please and thanks. Drew Barrymore’s show seems like it’s already the balm we all desperately need. ANGELS UNITE.