One Of Us: Drew Barrymore Instagrams Her Forgotten, Unplucked Brows

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Gett/ Carlos Alvarez / Stringer

We love it when celebrities keep it real

Usually when you hear the phrase “stars, they’re just like us” it’s referencing a photo of a celebrity dressed to the nines, pushing a cart around Whole Foods in 6-inch heels. Thank heavens for celebs like Drew Barrymore, who keep it so real we know she’s actually one of us. From documenting her toddler’s meltdowns to not knowing what to do with kid-free time, Barrymore’s Instagram account is like a breath of fresh air in the Land Of Social Media Perfection.

Don’t believe me? Take her latest selfie, for instance:

“How did I let it get this bad” is basically what we moms ask ourselves every time we have three full seconds to ourselves to glance at what’s going on in the mirror. Forget all the other parenting books and mantras out there – there should be a universal Mom Bible called “How Did I Let It Get This Bad” that hospitals and midwives give to new moms.

Because who among us hasn’t had this exact moment of painful self-awareness? Grey roots, check. Tired eyes, check. Overgrown brows that look like a “before” shot in an advertisement for a landscaping company? Double check.

The post currently has over 100,000 likes, and if you’re a tired mom you can probably think of 100,000 reasons why this resonates. Whenever I catch a glance of my own bushy brows in the mirror, I tell myself I’m “starting over” and just letting them go so I have an “excuse” to go get them professionally shaped. I’ve been a mom for almost two years, and I can tell you I’ve never once sat down to get them waxed or gone to Ulta’s Brow Bar. Because #momlife pretty much only allows for the occasional Revlon tweezer sesh.

After posting the Best Browfie Ever, Barrymore took her daughter to the salon to prepare for season two of her Netflix show, Santa Clarita Diet. Honestly, it was adorable.

Because we all know that whatever it is we’re doing, they want to do too. And as most of us know, doing things together is pretty much the only way things get done.

Not all stars may be like us, but Drew Barrymore doesn’t mind showing us she is. We love her for that.