Drew Barrymore's New Home Line Is Quirky And Fun, Just Like Her

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drew barrymore home line
Courtesy of Flower Home

Who knew the little girl helping her brother hide an alien from their mom would grow up to design drool-worthy home decor? (That was an E.T. reference, for anyone under 30.) Much like her personality, Drew Barrymore’s new Flower Home line is quirky and fun! Her style is vintage with a modern twist that has us filling our homes with all those nostalgic vibes.

Here are a few amazing pieces that are totally making us feel things.

1. Venetian Glass Pendant


Can we talk about this pendant light? Just trying to decide where to hang it.

2. Herb Wood Frames


This 4-pack of herb wall art will add a touch of green to cozy-up any space.

3. Succulent Comforter Set


If only this comforter set came with three days of uninterrupted sleep.

4. Macrame Basket Set


Loving these baskets, and they are perfect for hiding all our junk (and kids’ toys).

5. Glass Bath Accessories


OBSESSED with these green glass bathroom accessories.

6. Pleated Velvet Pouf


Poufs are seriously the best. Is it a footrest? A chair? A beautiful overstuffed floor pillow? Who really knows, but we love them.

7. Vintage Palm Shower Curtain


This shower curtain is not only adorable, but it has tassels!

8. Geo Euro Sham Set


These pillow shams definitely give off a retro vibe we can get on board with.

9. 6-Piece Fringe Towel Set


Fringe towels? IN! (Available in different colors.)

10. 16-Piece Dinnerware Set


This floral dinnerware is the stuff dining dreams are made of. Do you think they’re self-washing?

11. Feather Frame


Simple, classic, perfect for any shelf.

12. Antique Brass Seashell Bookends


These bookends are perfect for a beachy vibe, or just brightening up a bookcase.

13. Jute Area Rug


This rug is vintage and modern, all at the same time. WANT.

14. Cat Vase


Where my cat people at? This vase, amiright?!

15. Flamingo Wall Art


This flamingo wall art is quirky and perfect.

It’s hard not to overhaul your whole house with new decor when every piece is more perfect than the last. If you love colorful vintage pieces, Drew Barrymore Flower Home has it all!

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