Umbilical Cord Art Is An Actual Thing

by Christine Organ
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Crafting with dried umbilical cords is the latest afterbirth trend

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, a new parenting trend pops up that has you silently muttering WTF? The latest trend in afterbirth crafting? Umbilical cord art.

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Yes, you read that correctly. Umbilical cord art.

Remember when every new mom was consuming her placenta for a hot minute before doctors said it was a big waste of time? And, of course, Kim K. jumped on the placenta-eating bandwagon with her infamous tweet. And who can forget the placenta teddy bear?

Well, the latest trend makes the placenta pills seem downright mainstream. Umbilical cord art combines the zeal of competitive crafters with the sentimentality of hormonal new moms, but unlike the placenta trends, there are no purported health benefits. Just good ol’ fashioned dried bodily fluids and tissue in a gold-plated frame for your decorating pleasure.

Because nothing says I-love-my-baby like a shriveled up umbilical cord on the nursey or foyer wall. Or a scripted “love” decal made of dried umbilical cord. (Warning: You can’t un-see these photos of dried umbilical cords as Pinterest-worthy wall art.)

There’s no limit to the creative genius that can be unleashed by a retained umbilical cord. A dreamcatcher? Why not!

A wave? Of course!

A heart? You bet!

Umbilical cord art isn’t exactly new, but this latest trend is something else entirely. While the company Little Cord Art has been creating photo prints of magnified umbilical cords for a couple of years, this roll-your-sleeves-up DIY shit takes it to a whole new level.

Some people have called the art “magical” and “amazing.” I’m a (moderately) crunchy person, but saving my umbilical cord was the last thing on my mind after pushing out two humans. Tending to my shredded lady bits and changing mesh panties was about all I could stomach. The last thing I wanted to do was retrieve, retain, and then craft with the umbilical cord. Glitter is mess enough.

Seriously, moms. I know we’re sentimental and all, but what’s next? Bedazzling our clothes with baby teeth? Toe nail clipping decoupage? Finger painting with meconium?

Look, you do you. I’m not judging. Gagging a little, yes, but not judging.

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