The Duggars Have A Non-Satanic Name For Deviled Eggs

by Valerie Williams
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Annabelle Breakey / Kris Connor /Getty and Scary Mommy

The Duggars have rebooted “deviled eggs” into something less evil

The Duggar family is doing the Lord’s work and making sure to stifle Satan and his terrible temptations and they’re doing so in ways both big and small. Firstly, they micromanage their children’s dating lives and make sure no one gets so much as a peck on the cheek before marriage, which, do you, Duggs. Secondly, they’ve renamed a clearly evil food (I mean, how did we not see it before?) to make it align with their Christian beliefs. And like, ok?

Earlier this week, the giant fam hit the ‘Gram in honor of the Easter holiday with this little missive. “Made some ‘Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs’ together with Johannah and Jordyn! They’re one of our favorites!”

I feel you, Johannah and Jordyn. I could put away an entire dozen if I’m being honest. Without even stopping to breathe.

But let’s take a minute to swirl this around in our minds though. Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs. What?

First things first: calling something a different name doesn’t change what it is, y’all. Kind of like insisting your kids don’t do more than side-hug before marriage won’t stop one of them from using the Ashley Madison cheating website to score himself a side chick while the mother of his four (five?) kids keeps…. having more kids. Kind of like that.

If the Duggars feel they’re fierce soldiers of the Lord by not even saying the word “deviled,” even in a chicken-y way, then more power to them. Although in this context, it’s literally a culinary term dating back to the 1700s and is meant to describe any food cooked “with lots and lots of hot and spicy condiments and seasonings,” just like those Yellow Pocket Angels, but pesky facts. We don’t need ’em.

Like, I promise you Michelle, it’s not the work of Satan when those delicious ingredients come together. Just some mayo, vinegar, mustard, and some very crafty grandmas heading to the family reunion. Not Beelzebub himself.

Of course, because the internet is what it is, the innocent post sparked an online debate for the ages. Sides were taken. Mayonnaise was spilled. No clear answer has emerged but I am very hungry now.

A lot of people were just kind of scratching their heads at the whole thing, TBH.

Others got… a little personal.

And still others pulled a “leave Britney alone” and defended the Duggars’ right to rechristen deviled eggs into something more godly.

At the end of the day, does this matter? Not really. Is it entertaining AF? You bet your bippy. Go forth with your Angel Eggs, Duggars. As long as you add enough paprika, it’s all good with me.

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