Dwyane Wade Accidentally Crashes A Couple's Beach Proposal

by Valerie Williams

Dwyane Wade photobombs a couple’s proposal and his reaction is perfection

ICYMI, Dwyane Wade is a seriously wonderful guy. He not only openly supports his daughter Zaya, who came out as transgender last year, he’s also just generally a kind and loving human being, as illustrated in a Budweiser ad that made us all sob. That’s why as much as it’s a total delight, it’s also not surprising to hear that the good-natured former NBA player hilariously photobombed a newly engaged couple, providing them with a laugh and adorable support for their future marriage.

Ryan Basch was proposing to his girlfriend Katie Ryan at California’s Rosewood Miramar Beach when Wade strolled casually by around sunset. As the couple snapped photos, there was Wade, clutching his heart as if to say, “AWWWWW.” Basch shared the hilarious and surprising moment on Instagram. “When @dwyanewade happens to be taking a sunset stroll on the beach and walks by mid-proposal,” he writes.


Happily, the photobomb wasn’t where it ended. Wade posed for a sweet shot with the happy couple. The photos show a guy clearly moved by the love between a newly engaged couple and it’s pretty much the cutest.

The account Overheard By Celebs picked it up and included Wade’s own shoutout to Ryan and Katie in his Stories. “It was so dope to witness you guys love!” he said.

The account also shared Basch and Wade’s DM exchange where Wade told him, “I need y’all marriage to work. It’s now on my conscious haha.”

You love to see it.

Now that this couple has had such a memorable engagement, maybe Wade will show up to the wedding? Looks like the invite is out there from Basch and of course includes Wade’s wife, actress Gabrielle Union.

In a trash fire year of one awful and scary headline after another, it’s comforting to see that the good things are still happening and celebs are still photobombing and making fans smile. Thanks to Wade and this happy couple for bringing us a little smile on a Friday.