The Creator Of Dyson Designed A New Ventilator In Just 10 Days

by Leah Groth
Dyson Ventilator

Dyson has created a new ventilator to help in the battle against the novel coronavirus

Dyson, a company famous for producing everything from high-end vacuum cleaners to air purifiers, tasks lamps, and even hair care products, has found a way to do their part in the battle against novel coronavirus. The company’s founder, James Dyson, announced to his employees on Wednesday that in just ten days he developed a new ventilator, and is currently in the process of producing 15,000 to help in the battle against the rapidly spreading virus.

According to a letter sent to his employees and shared with CNN, Dyson’s first order came from the UK government for 10,000 ventilators, to support efforts by the country’s National Health Service in treating coronavirus patients.

“A ventilator supports a patient who is no longer able to maintain their own airways, but sadly there is currently a significant shortage, both in the UK and other countries around the world,” the billionaire founder wrote.

The company first started working on the new unit after Dyson received a call 10 days ago from UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, entirely designing and building it during that time. They have aptly dubbed it the “CoVent.”

“This new device can be manufactured quickly, efficiently and at volume,” he explained, adding that it was designed to “address the specific needs” of coronavirus patients.

A spokesperson for the company revealed that ventilators would be ready by early April.

In addition to the huge order Dyson is filling for the country, he also revealed in his letter that he would also donate 5,000 units to the international effort to tackle the pandemic.

“The core challenge was how to design and deliver a new, sophisticated medical product in volume and in an extremely short space of time,” he added. “The race is now on to get it into production.”

This is amazing news for healthcare workers around the world, who are running into a supply shortage with everything from gloves and masks to ventilators — and even hospital beds to treat patients.

Other companies working to produce ventilators include UK firm, Gtech, Ford, who is working with 3M and GE Healthcare, and also GM (GM) and Tesla (TSLA).

As of Thursday, over 75,178 people in the United States have tested positive for COVID-19, and there have been 1,069 deaths due to the highly infectious virus.

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