Elf On The Shelf Is In Quarantine This Year - Thank God

by Erica Gerald Mason
FashionBlvdDesigns/Etsy and OliviaGracePaper/Etsy

In a year where social media timelines have blown up on a weekly and sometimes daily occurrence, parents finally catch a break.

Mamas of America, drop your glue guns and rejoice – because of the pandemic, Elf On The Shelf can’t participate in the holiday fun this year. For those that need a refresher, the Elf On The Shelf is a tiny little tattletale who watches kiddos during the day; at night he goes back to the North Pole to let Santa know if his charges are naughty or nice. Every morning he hides in a new position in the house, an exhausting practice for Ma and Pa, who need to keep tabs on the little guy.

As usual, the internet is here to save you. Online shops are selling COVID-themed Elf on the Shelf kits and accessories, many of which include quarantine houses and face coverings.

Let’s take a look at some COVID-19 inspired Elf On A Shelf kits.

This one comes with a tiny mask and supermodel energy.


The eyes on this elf are… intense. But at least he’s boxed up and you don’t have to move him.


The elf straight up ghosted its family, and it’s hilarious.

These little guys have obviously been doing yoga while in lockdown – they’re quite bendy.



In the 1989 film Steel Magnolias a character says, “The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.” This Etsy seller gets it. The elf is dressed for winter, complete with a tiny Christmas tree and snow.


This elf is so extra. Let’s see how he does it. Bendy? Check. Isolated? Check. Face covering? Check. Sassy bow? Jar with fancy font? Check. Sitting up and leaning forward as if he’s listening to your in-laws discuss how they used to parent back in their day? Check and check.


The best part about the elf this year is he can be as quarantined as parents need him to be – he can stick a Post-It note on the side of a kid’s bed saying “I’m Sorry. I Can’t. Don’t Hate Me” – a la Sex In The City – or he can isolate in your house for the duration.

Parenting doesn’t always give caregivers an out. Take it, run with it, and have a happy holiday while you’re at it.