Some People Had No Idea Elizabeth Olsen Is Mary-Kate & Ashley's Sister

by Madison Vanderberg
Donato Sardella/Getty

Twitter is up in arms over the fact that some people didn’t know WandaVision star Elizabeth Olsen is Mary-Kate and Ashley’s little sister

If you aren’t watching WandaVision on Disney Plus, then you probably weren’t aware that WandaVision is the greatest television show that was ever created. Hyperbole aside, it’s awesome and because of that, everyone is talking about Elizabeth Olsen, the star of the Scarlett Witch-helmed Marvel series. Because of the internet’s sudden interest in Ms. Olsen, it has come to everyone’s attention that a ton of people are just know finding out that Elizabeth Olsen, who looks exactly like the Olsen twins and shares their last name, is the younger sister to Mary-Kate and Ashley.

As someone who was raised on Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen VHS tapes, I understand Elizabeth Olsen as “Mary-Kate and Ashley’s little sister, and yeah, she’s in Marvel movies, I guess.” But apparently there are people out there who think that an actress who looks an awful lot like the “Olsen twins” and has the same name is just, a different lady, and I can only assume these people are a) really young b) really old or b) extremely not online.

After Disney Plus dropped the seventh episode of WandaVision on Friday February 19, 2021, Twitter was in a WandaVision tizzy and, I guess, lots of people raced out to Lizzie Olsen’s Wikipedia page this week because as Buzzfeed News pointed out, lots of people came to the “Elizabeth is an Olsen sister” realization in the last few days. Unclear where y’all have been these last few years, but welcome?

And to the Tweeter above, Elizabeth is actually the younger sister, just so we’re getting our Olsen family trivia correct. Let’s put some respect on the acting empire that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen built, mmkay?

Anyway, this whole saga is giving off big “The mom from Schitt’s Creek is also the mom in Home Alone” vibes. But to be fair to the fans who don’t know that Lizzie is an Olsen sister, there’s only a handful of photos on the internet of the three of them together and Elizabeth has worked pretty hard to distance herself from her sisters in the hopes that people would take her acting career more seriously.

“Nepotism is a thing and I’m very aware of it,” Elizabeth told Grazia last week. “And of course, I’ve always wanted to do it alone.”

Honestly, this Elizabeth Olsen thing is really just a test of “how much of a millennial are you?” So the next time you want to find out if what generation someone is without asking their age, just ask them if they know who Elizabeth Olsen’s sisters are.