6 Ways All Kids Will Embarrass Their Mothers

by Scary Mommy
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Remember back when you were pregnant and you thought you let go of all shame and modesty? Well, once your kid starts talking, those days are OVER. Because there’s nothing that gets ones cheeks burning like a kid who doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. Here are six (of the many!) ways our kids embarrass us…

1. When your child decides that the checkout line is the perfect time and place to make personal announcements.

2. When they start exercising their potty mouth… which, of course, they learned from you.

3. When things aren’t hidden as well as you thought they were.

4. When braggarts have to eat crow.

5. When they enter the naked toddler stage, where keeping clothes on requires duct tape.

6. When you start using “proper names” and their new favorite words to shout in Target becomes PENIS and BAGINA.

What’d we miss?

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