Miss Me With The 'Olive Branch' Bullsh*t — We Don't Owe Trumpers A Damn Thing

by Sa'iyda Shabazz
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I’ll be the first person to tell you that I am a petty-ass bitch. I’m proud of it actually. There is no way in hell that I’m going to keep my mouth shut right now. After spending four years in abject horror at how fucking awful Trump supporters are, I’m finding joy in watching their sadness. I will wash my face with the tears of Trumpers calling for unity now. Like, you made zero attempt at expressing empathy for me when my life was on the line. Now I’m supposed to rub your back and tell you it’s going to be okay? I think the fuck not. Boo fucking hoo, you can’t be openly racist and hateful anymore. Get me the world’s tiniest violin to play while I tell you to shove it. Marginalized people don’t owe any of y’all empathy right now.

For the last four years, these people haven’t had a shred of empathy for those of us on the left. Calling us things like “snowflake,” “libtard,” and worse is the exact opposite of empathy. When you have a group of people wishing death on the news media, strapping their ammo to their cars and proudly wearing their red hats to rub our oppression in our faces, you can’t call them anything other than monsters. No one with even an ounce of empathy in their bodies can use any of the vitriolic language used by this group of people.

Remember when they were telling people to leave Barron Trump alone? Even though they terrorized Malia and Sasha Obama for eight years? It’s all hypocrisy. They’ve made it abundantly clear what their beliefs are.

You can’t empathize with a group of people who literally want you dead. Right before the election, a photo from my hometown, Staten Island, New York, made the rounds on social media. It’s the back of someone’s pickup truck (such a cliché, but it’s cliché for a reason) with a host of phrases painted on it. The first one being, “If you vote for Biden, I hope you die.” What the actual fuck do you do with that? Why in the world would I ever try to have empathy for people like that? For people who actively wish me harm. Not even just harm, but death. That doesn’t even begin to make sense. These people are consistently trash and I’m supposed to be the bigger person? When they’re the ones who want me to die? Make it make sense, please.

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I remember those first few days after the 2016 election. Friends who leaned more conservative were saying things like “get over it,” and “he won, you have to respect the office.” They laughed at our tears — tears we were shedding because our way of life was about to be destroyed. When sharing our fears for the future, they mocked us and dismissed us as crybabies and “pansies” and worse. They couldn’t see past their own privilege to begin to understand where we were coming from. Why should we now try to see their pain when they minimized ours for so long? If I was still friends with those asshats, I’d serve them from their own menu. “Your guy lost, get over it. Joe Biden is your daddy now.” I can almost guarantee they wouldn’t like it.

The people who support Trump deserve to have their feelings hurt right now. Because they’ve done nothing but hurt others’ feelings for literal years. Us calling him an oompa loompa isn’t the same as saying Joe Biden has dementia. Mocking his propensity for ill-fitting suits and well done steak isn’t the same as when he openly mocked a disabled reporter on live television. Crowds of people singing “you about to lose yo’ job?” Not even close to crowds chanting “lock her up.” So let’s stop pretending that what we’re doing is even in the same orbit as true cruelty. Trump literally used his Twitter account to harass and tease climate activist Greta Thunberg. She’s a literal child. He’s a grown ass man. And y’all are gonna sit here crying foul? Are you fucking kidding me?

Where was your empathy when kids were being ripped away from their parents and put in cages? While people are in the streets attacking and killing trans women? A Black man was murdered because a cop kneeled on his neck for nine fucking minutes and y’all have the audacity to be like, “fuck BLM, fuck George Floyd.” And suddenly you want me to feel bad for you because your white supremacist Cheeto-in-charge lost? Miss me all the way with that shit. You’re all afraid of what, paying more taxes if you’re rich? Of women being able to have an abortion? Are your feelings hurt because your racist asses got exposed and now you can’t hide? Is that what you’re crying about?

Let’s make one thing clear. Joe Biden and the Democratic party have to play this olive branch bullshit. Even though they shouldn’t have to, given the way the GOP has played dirty for four years. In theory, it’s their job to “unite the country.” Because they know that’s the only way they can attempt to get shit done. Regular ass people: women, BIPOC, the members of the LGBTQ+ community, Muslims, Mexicans, and everyone else? We don’t owe you our empathy. We don’t owe you civility. The people calling for that shit delude themselves into thinking that somehow they’ve earned our respect. You spent four years terrorizing us — you all better get ready to spend the next four getting all of that back.

See, here’s the thing about empathy: it goes both ways. Hurting our feelings and then being upset when we do the same is hypocritical. You can’t let hate spew from your lips for four goddamn years and pretend like it never happened. This snowflake doesn’t forgive or forget.

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