Videos Of En Caul Births Go Viral

People Are Sharing Videos Of Babies Born Inside The Amniotic Sac And They’re Truly Amazing

Videos of babies born inside the amniotic sac, or ‘en caul,’ are circulating wildly this week

Everyone has heard of the moment in a woman’s pregnancy when her “water breaks,” but you may not know what it actually means. It refers to the time in labor when the amniotic sac ruptures, releasing amniotic fluid.

But what were to happen if the sac didn’t rupture? If the baby makes it out of the birth canal with the amniotic sac still fully intact, it’s referred to as an “en caul” birth. And it’s pretty amazing to witness.

Jasmine Perez shared video of her en caul birth last week, and it’s already been viewed over 26 million times.

asi como cuando dicen ” nacio ENMANTILLAO” bueno… asi!

Posted by Jasmine Perez on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Human Birth Project also shared a video of an baby born in the amniotic sac, this one during a c-section:

Baby in the caul at a c-section. They are keeping the baby in the bag for a while but the baby seems to be still breathing through its placenta, which is still attached to its mother. Thanks to @cinthiapomaski_doula #humanbirth #caul #birth @anakedmidwife

Posted by Human Birth Project on Tuesday, August 9, 2016

It’s hard not to stand in awe of this footage because it’s the closest we’ll get to seeing what a baby looks like inside the womb. Some cultures believe children born en caul are blessed with life-long good luck and an affinity for water. The births are rare: about 1 in 80,000.