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We Triple Dog Dare You To Watch The ‘A Christmas Story’ Sequel Trailer

'A Christmas Story Christmas' is set to start streaming on HBOMax November 17, 2022.

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SCOTT SCHWARTZ as Flick, RD ROBB as Schwartz, PETER BILLINGSLEY as Ralphie Parker and RIVER DROSCHE ...
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A Christmas Story’s Ralphie is coming back this winter. HBOMax just released its trailer for the A Christmas Story sequel, titled A Christmas Story Christmas. And Peter Billingsley, now 51, is set to reprise his role as Ralphie Parker in the sequel to the classic holiday film, set to premiere November 17.

The new trailer shows a fully grown Ralphie with a family of his own returning to Cleveland Street for the holidays. With Ralphie’s old man gone, it is up to Ralphie to make sure that the holidays are just as magical for his own kids.

“With the same attention-to-real-life tone of the first, Ralphie reconnects with childhood friends, reconciles the passing of his Old Man and sows the seeds for the origins of the beloved holiday classic,” reads the film’s official synopsis. The film takes place in the 70s, roughly 30 years after the original A Christmas Story takes place.

Billingsly isn’t the only original cast member joining the A Christmas Story sequel, though: Ian Petrella (Randy), Zack Ward (Scut Farkus), Scott Schwartz (Flick) and R.D. Robb (Schwartz) will all make an appearance. Hopefully Flick doesn’t get his tongue stuck to a pole again — although as the new trailer shows, he’s still a sucker for a Triple Dog Dare.

The cast also includes Erinn Hayes as Ralphie’s wife, along with River Drosche and Julianna Layne as their son and daughter.

The original film had a 1994 theatrical sequel titled It Runs in the Family, which didn’t have any of the original cast and was a box office flop (it was retitled My Summer Story upon its 2006 DVD rerelease, per TVLine.) Fortunately, with a good chunk of A Chrristmas Story’s original cast returning, it seems like A Christmas Story Christmas could be a holiday classic in its own right.

A Christmas Story Christmas premieres on HBOMax on Thursday, November 17. Don’t forget to have your Ovaltine ready!

Watch the full length trailer below:

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