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Maggie has been living in LA for over a decade and working in digital content even longer. She’s written for the likes of Cracked, HelloGiggles, and Knock LA. She’s also the front woman of a Tony Hawk Pro Skater cover band.

Mary Jane Mom

Lake Bell Says She’s "Straight Up Just A Better Parent" On Weed

The actor says she can get on a kid’s level when she has some THC in her system.

How dare you?

Mindy Kaling Doesn't Plan To Let Her Kids Watch 'The Office' Any Time Soon

“That show is so inappropriate right now.”

Drag Your Dad

Adam Sandler’s Teen Daughters Wrote His Hilarious, Self-Roasting Gotham Award Speech

And they went hard.

Pilk for you, Glen Coco!

Lindsay Lohan Gets Back In Her ‘Mean Girls’ Holiday Outfit To Make Dirty Sodas

Lindsay Lohan mixed Pepsi and milk, so I mixed Pepsi and milk.

Hollywood Sexism

Chloë Grace Moretz Is Over Being Infantilized By Older Men On Set

The 'Kickass' star opened up about her experience of working with older men as a child actor and said she her ideas were repeatedly 'shot down.'

Medication Shortage Alert

What You Need To Know About The Amoxicillin Shortage

The liquid antibiotic is in short supply nationwide. Here's what it means for parents.

Blended Family Life

Kate Hudson Says She Is Crushing Co-Parenting With 3 Different Dads

The actor and mother of three said that she feels she and her exes are "killing it" in terms of successful blended family co-parenting.

Found Family

One Of The People Who Stopped The Club Q Shooter Has A Message For LGBTQ Kids

Thomas James, one of three people who subdued the shooter, reminds LGBTQ youth that "your family is out there" in his first public statement.

Environment & Health

Proximity To Fracking Sites Linked To Spike In Children’s Leukemia Diagnoses

The latest study from Yale is just one of many looking at the health repercussions of hydraulic fracturing for oil.

Music Man

Elton John Doesn’t Care If His Sons Get Into The Music Business

The 75-year-old rocker, who just wrapped up the American leg of his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, isn't sure if his sons will take to music like him.

Daycare Anxiety, Be Gone!

Good News, Working Parents: Long Hours At Day Care Doesn’t Worsen A Child’s Behavior

In fact, it might help them with social interactions.

50 Shades of Beige

The Sad Beige Baby Trend Is Here To Suck The Last Bit Of Joy From Childhood

Anyone know a kid whose favorite color is potato sack tan?

Picture Perfect

Jessica Alba Perfectly Captures The Chaotic Joy That Is Parenting During Family Holiday Photos

Getting that perfect family holiday photo isn’t all smiles.

Playing Rough

Melbourne’s New ‘Risky’ Playground Has Parents Torn

The playground, designed by artist Mike Hewson, looks more like an abandoned construction site than anything — and kids are loving it.

In Love With Love

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Are That Couple In Cuddly New Video

Bennifer 2.0 is going strong.

On Capitalism

Hilary Duff Slams Publisher For Wanting To Release Aaron Carter’s Unfinished Memoir

Cash grabs are gross as hell.

Mass Shooting #601

5 People Killed, 18 Injured In Mass Shooting At LGBTQ Nightclub In Colorado Springs

Authorities have detained the 22-year-old suspect and are still working to find a motive for what many believe is a hate crime.

Fresh Ink

Cardi B Got Her Son's Name Tattooed On Her Face

The rapper showed off the delicate jawline piece on Instagram.

Bottoms up

Andy Cohen Plans To Party Even Harder This New Year’s Eve Despite CNN’s Alcohol Ban

The father of two has vowed to “party harder than we have ever partied before” with Anderson Cooper for NYE.

Zaddy Goals

Jeff Goldblum Is Digging Being An Older Dad

The actor and musician says that raising his two sons, Charlie, 7, and River, 5, is "such fun."