Maggie Clancy

Maggie has been living in LA for over a decade and working in digital content even longer. She’s written for the likes of Cracked, HelloGiggles, and Knock LA. She’s also the front woman of a Tony Hawk Pro Skater cover band.

Uvalde Update

Husband Of Slain Uvalde Teacher Dies Two Days Later Of ‘Broken Heart’

Joe Garcia, husband of teacher Irma Garcia who died in the Robb Elementary school shooting, died of a ‘broken heart,’ according to his nephew.

How Many More?

Jill Biden, Surgeon General Speak Out About The Uvalde Shooting

“If anyone ever doubted that gun violence is a public health crisis in America, yesterday was an unequivocal reminder that it most definitely is.”

Childhood Officially Ruined

So There’s A Winnie The Pooh Horror Movie Coming Out Called ‘Blood And Honey’

Tubby little chubby all scary and gruff.

ADHD Treatment

Researchers Find ADHD Medication Doesn’t Lead To Academic Gain

The new study concluded that therapy and educational support are also needed for students with ADHD to succeed.

Lookin' At The Numbers

The Birth Rate Rose For The First Time In 7 Years

The 1% increase could mean he downward trend of births from the pandemic is coming to an end.

Search History

New Parents Google More Than 2,000 Questions During Infant’s First Year

A new survey finds that the average new parent searches up to nine different topics a day.

Infant Formula Update

US Flies In 35 Tons Of Emergency Hypoallergenic Baby Formula From Germany

The first delivery of Operation Fly Formula will provide enough formula for 9,000 babies and 18,000 toddlers for one week.


Ashley Graham's Traumatic Birth Of Twins Nearly Cost Her Life

“I couldn’t walk for a week. And I didn’t leave my house for nearly two months.”

Lookin' Good, Mama!

Jess King Shares Her First Maternity Shoot

The Peloton instructor first announced her pregnancy during a workout on May 7.

Real Life Fairy Tale

Everything We Know About ‘Disenchanted,’ The ‘Enchanted’ Sequel 15 Years In The Making

The news of Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, and Idina Menzel's return has us bursting into song.

Anti-Snowflake Snowflake

Jordan Peterson Leaves Twitter After Fatphobic Tweet About SI's Swimsuit Model

The pro-patriarchy pop psychologist got called out for his fatphobic comments on Yumi Nu’s ‘Sports Illustrated’ cover.


A 2-Year-Old Ordered 31 McDonald’s Cheeseburgers Off DoorDash

This child is a hero.

It's A Boy!

Rihanna Just Had A Baby Boy!

The pop star reportedly welcomed her first child with A$AP Rocky on May 13.

More bad COVID news

A New Study Links The Omicron Variant To Rising Cases Of Croup In Kids

Omicron has caused a wave of severe cases of croup, characterized by a ‘seal bark,’ in infants and young children.

Product Safety Alert

President Biden Just Signed The Safe Sleep For Babies Act Into Law

The Safe Sleep for Babies Act bans inclined rockers and padded crib bumpers linked to more than 200 reported infant deaths.

Abortion Access

13 Companies That Are Now Helping Employees Access Abortion Care

Starbucks, Amazon, and other companies are making sure employees in states with restrictive laws or outright bans on abortion have access to safe health care.

Give Her Some Space

A Man Was Confronted After Buying An Extra Movie Seat For His Pregnant Wife

The man bought an extra assigned seat so his wife would feel safer in an unmasked area while pregnant. Other moviegoers were not pleased.

Bans Off Our Bodies!

Celebrities Join Bans Off Our Bodies Rallies Across The Country

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Laura Dern, Milla Jovovich, and other celebrities joined reproductive rights activists at Bans Off Our Bodies rallies.

Aquatic Safety

Look At This Swimsuit Visibility Test Before You Start Shopping For Children’s Swimsuits

The color of your child’s swimsuit may save their life.

Cancel the Debt!

An Anonymous Donor Just Paid The Tab Of Everyone Graduating From A Historically Black College

"You are debt-free. You do not owe the college a penny."