Ageism Is Getting Old

The Internet’s Roasting E! News For An Ageist Tweet About Anne Hathaway

A tweet saying that Hathaway is ‘aging backwards’ had people calling out media’s role in promoting ageism, especially when it comes to women.

Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto arrives at the Global Premiere Of Apple TV+'s "WeCrashed"  at Academy M...
Steve Granitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Once again, the habit of making a comment about a woman’s appearance guised as an innocuous compliment has the internet in a tizz. On March 18, Anne Hathaway appeared on the red carpet for her new AppleTV+ series WeCrashed with co-star Jared Leto.

Whoever was in charge of E!’s Twitter account at the time posted a photoset of the two and attempted some cheeky wordplay with the copy, “Did Anne Hathaway make a deal with the devil? She is literally aging backward.” The nod to The Devil Wears Prada is fine. The suggestion that at 39, Hathaway is still shockingly youthful and beautiful, not so much.

Lots of annoyed fans entered the chat, quipping that Hathaway looks *so good* and must be much older than 39 for that type of caption.

People had a field day with this one just because of how unnecessary the caption is. What? a woman looking 39 at the age of 39? What is this dark form of witchcraft?

Some rightly pointed out that Hathaway is a wealthy movie star with access to top tier healthcare, which includes estheticians, dietitians, and a stacked skincare regimen.

Also worth noting is the fact that the tweet calls out Hathaway for looking *good for her age* of 39 when the man standing next to is 11 years her senior.

Also, let’s be real, if there needed to be any jokes about the occult for this tweet, Leto, who ran a cult-like “Summer Camp” IRL and plays the charismatic leader of WeWork in the AppleTV+ series, might have been a better target.

The tweet is clearly trying to compliment Hathaway for looking all glowy and hot AF in that cutout dress, but let’s all use this as a reminder that you can give someone a compliment about their looks without qualifying it.

Someone doesn’t look amazing “for their age” or “for their body type” or for “having that many kids” — people look amazing because they look amazing. End of sentence.