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Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Took The Viral TikTok Relationship Quiz And It’s Adorbs

The longtime partners finally jumped on the bandwagon and got honest about their roles in the relationship.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis take a viral relationship quiz and have a good laugh..

Though some may have slightly horrified the world when they admitted they don’t bathe their kids daily, this video might just win back everyone’s hearts. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher dropped a rare gem on Instagram yesterday, as the pair don’t typically join in on “what the kids are doing these days,” and mostly share posts regarding nonprofit efforts they are involved in.

“Grandma and Grandpa hopped on a trend 3 months late, but it made us laugh,” Kutcher captioned the video.

The slightly aging trend is a TikTok game that asks couples a series of questions — which the couples answer with their eyes closed. Questions like, “Who spends more money?” and “Who is more romantic?” reveals a lot about the couple in question while often generating a laugh.

The couple was pictured each wearing your average t-shirt, with Mila sporting her hair pulled up and no makeup. With Ashton’s eye’s closed and Mila covering hers, they began to the answer the audio questions which almost immediately prompted laughter from them both.

A summary of the results? Ashton was the first one to say, “I love you,” and is “more patient,” while Mila is “never wrong,” and “bigger baby when sick.”

Both consider themselves to be the funniest, and to be the better driver, and pointed at each other in denial when asked who “eats more,” and who “spends the most money.”

Highly relatable, all of it!

They are clearly having a ton of fun in the video — and are so, so cute together. The love shows through.

Followers commented “Who's the couple that give us all some hope for true love? 👆👆👆,” and “This is so sweet. I love how genuine you guys are.”

The That 70s Show co-stars met on set in 1998 when Mila was just 14, and Kutcher 20. They played the on-screen couple Kelso and Jacki, and Mila even admitted that Kutcher ended up being her very first kiss, which happened during taping.

“I was like, ‘Oh, he’s so cute, it’s the Calvin Klein model!’” Kunis had shared with PEOPLE in 2020. “Then I was like, ‘I have to kiss him?’ I was so nervous and uncomfortable. I had the biggest crush on him.”

Though their chemistry in front of the cameras was undeniable, the two remained friends for a very long time. Both had serious relationships with other Hollywood actors, Kunis with McCaulay Culkin from 2001 to 2011, and Ashton with wife Demi Moore from 2003 to 2011.

The same year they both ended up single, they ran into each other and found themselves a little older and wiser, but with the same chemistry — and so they gave it ago and were later married in 2015.

“We would never be together based on the people that we used to be,” Mila admitted. “We started dating with the idea we were both never going to get married, [and] a year later we were like, ‘Tomorrow let’s [get married].’”

Ashton and Mila now share daughter Wyatt, 7, and son Dimitri, 5.

Sorry Bennifer, but this love story takes the number one slot.