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When I’m not writing, I’m designing! As a creative consultant, I help entrepreneurs and small businesses build authentic brands. My goal with clients is to clarify and elevate their brand integrity and moral footprint.

When I’m not saving lives, one brand or sassy article at a time, I’m just a millennial mom who watches too much Love Island.

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Un caffè, per favore

TikTok Can’t Get Over How Different Enjoying Coffee Is Around The World

ByKrystal Martinez

Not me planning my next big trip based on #CoffeeTok.


It Took Me Longer Than I Thought To Embrace The Single Mom Life

ByKrystal Martinez

It took me four years to get to a place where I could look back and be absolutely enchanted at the life I’ve created.


14 RV Families To Inspire Your Travel Adventures

ByKrystal Martinez

“Livin’ in a van, down by the river” has never sounded better, TBH.


I've Ditched Potty Training My Almost-4-Year-Old — & Pros Say That's Totally OK

ByKrystal Martinez

This unspoken rule is total bullsh*t, according to the experts.

Sibling Showdowns

10 Family Reality Shows That Are Better Than The Kardashians

ByKrystal Martinez

Can’t get enough of the family drama? Honestly, same.


The Hard Truth About Surrogacy Nobody Talks About

ByKrystal Martinez

Thanks to people like Khloé Kardashian, the once-taboo topic is becoming a little more transparent.

I Need Space

I Took A Break From My Husband, & The World Lost Its Sh*t — But A “Reset” Can Be Healthy

ByKrystal Martinez

Experts agree: It’s time to normalize therapeutic separation.


10 Shows To Binge After The Vanderpump Rules Reunion

ByKrystal Martinez

Did I just become a Bravo stan?

The Sex Issue

My Vagina Changed After Birth, In A Good Way

ByKrystal Martinez

My body wasn’t broken. In fact, it’s never worked better.

The Sex Issue

A Cosleeper's Guide To Sex When Your Bed Is A No-Go

ByKrystal Martinez

Your kids have taken over your bed, but it doesn't mean you still can't get hot and heavy with your partner.

It's not really that deep

Julia Fox Addresses The Controversy Surrounding Her Viral Apartment Tour

ByKrystal Martinez

“It’s about having that sense of normalcy for Valentino,” she explained. “I don’t want him to grow up and be a f—king prick.”

sneaky lady

Kate Middleton Quietly Started A New Instagram Account

ByKrystal Martinez

The Princess of Wales debuted a new account dedicated to The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood.

Freaky week

Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuelos’ Adult Daughter Is Moving Back In

ByKrystal Martinez

Their 21-year-old adult daughter is under their roof again, and she’s not knocking on their bedroom door before entering.

hi there

Priyanka Chopra Shows Baby Malti’s Face At Jonas Brothers Walk Of Fame Ceremony

ByKrystal Martinez

The parents have been adamant about not showing their daughter's face, only to proudly show her off in public this week.

MTV Cribs

Julia Fox Shared A Video Tour Of Her NYC Apartment, And It's Not What You Would Expect

ByKrystal Martinez

The public has a lot of thoughts on Julia’s choice to be “transparent” about her home.

Boy mom

A Pregnant Keke Palmer Shares The Sex Of Her Baby

ByKrystal Martinez

The actress shared that she and boyfriend Darius Jackson will welcome a son.

*Sniffs clothes*

A Woman Has Started A Heated Debate About Whether You Can Wear Pajamas Multiple Times

ByKrystal Martinez

She says her parents taught her to wear her PJs multiple times before a wash.

Dad of 3

John Legend Shares His First Picture With Newborn Daughter, Esti

ByKrystal Martinez

Esti was born on January 13.

Let's Goooo

Planning A Momcation? Here Are The Best Locales, Based On Enneagram Type

ByKrystal Martinez

This Number 5 (aka The Investigator) is Nantucket bound.


Hilary Swank May Be Pregnant With Twins, But She's Not Skipping Gym Day

ByKrystal Martinez

The actor shared a video of her working out "with da babes."