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These Books About Body Safety & Personal Boundaries For Kids Are Must-Haves

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by Deirdre Kaye and Team Scary Mommy
Books about body safety and boundaries for kids are great empowerment tools.
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As parents today, most of us are acutely aware that talking to our kids about who they can trust should start early. And while body safety is never far from any woman's thoughts, the whole bear vs. man debate is really keeping it top of mind — and for mothers, that means centering concerns about our kids and how we can teach them body safety without trauma dumping (and, as a result, traumatizing our kids).

The unfortunate reality? Awful people with less-than-safe desires exist, and they'll try all sorts of shady sh*t to get your kids to trust them. So, starting early by teaching our kids about wanted and unwanted touch, bodily autonomy, setting and voicing boundaries, and even just listening to their gut about who to trust is of the utmost importance.

Moms have tons of tools in their toolboxes for doing so, including books. In fact, the inspiration for this book roundup came from watching a TikTok creator gush about the Body Safety Wise Bundle of books by ultra-talented mama and writer Kristaelynn Sanders Diggs. You can read more about it — and other body safety books for kids — below.

The Body Safety Wise Bundle by Kristaelynn Sanders Diggs

The Body Safety Wise Bundle comes with everything you need to teach your kids how to set and enforce boundaries for their bodies. The box comes with stickers, a glossary card defining key safety words, gorgeously illustrated and inclusive books, and so many more handy resources for parents. The books included are Where Hands Go: The Power of No, Where Hands Go: An Introduction to Safe and Unsafe Touch, Where Hands Go: Body Safety Rules, and The ABCs of Consent. Plus, the books come in Spanish, too, which isn't always the case. Along with the box's contents, there's a QR code to scan for even more resources online.

My Body Belongs to Me by The International Center for Assault Prevention

When you’re a kid, everyone’s always trying to pick you up, pinch your cheeks, hug, tickle, or just hold you. With children conditioned to think this is normal, how can they tell when touch turns inappropriate? How do they inform an adult when touch makes them feel uncomfortable? My Body Belongs to Me from My Head to My Toes helps instill the confidence in kids to differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate touch and to say “no” to unwanted physical contact.

Don’t Hug Doug (He Doesn’t Like It) by Carrie Finison

Whether you’ve sensed that hugs make your kid uncomfortable or you simply want to teach them more about consent and establishing boundaries, this adorably sing-songy book can help. Thanks to snappy rhymes, inclusive illustrations, and a direct message (some people like hugs, others don’t), Don’t Hug Doug says a lot in a way kids find engaging.

How Do Dinosaurs Stay Safe? by Jane Yolen

If teaching your kid about body safety seems daunting, let a dinosaur give you a hand! Jane Yolen and Mark Teague tackle the topic in a playful but informative way — from a dino learning to dial 9-1-1 to the prehistoric creatures crossing the road with help from Mom. The whole family will laugh along while also learning invaluable lessons about safe behavior.

My Body Is Safe: Tricky People and Safe People by Crystal Hardstaff

Thanks to colorful illustrations and engaging rhymes, My Body Is Safe makes talking about body safety an easily accessible subject for little ones. Author Crystal Hardstaff, a counselor in Australia with a background in education and psychology, deftly navigates teaching toddlers to tell the difference between a tricky person and a safe person — and how to learn to listen to their instincts about both. Reading the book together is a fantastic way to emphasize to your child that they have the right to feel safe at all times.

It’s OK: Being Kind to Yourself When Things Feel Hard by Wendy Leary

It’s complicated to establish boundaries and ask others to respect them when you’re an adult. Can you imagine how confusing that could be for a child? Give your little one a headstart by teaching them it’s OK to feel whatever they’re feeling without any attached guilt, shame, or anger. The sweet characters in this book walk readers through challenging emotions and how to move past them with self-compassion.

Slumberkins’ Lynx, Trust Yourself Storybook Set by Kelly Oriard and Callie Christensen

Another excellent book option for establishing boundaries, Lynx, Trust Yourself is part of Slumberkins’ Self-Expression Collection. The mission? To remind children to be bold and brave, listen to their inner voice, and speak up for themselves. This set comes with a Lynx “Kin” stuffie, the book, and a corresponding affirmation card.