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Brooke Shields Shares Some Choice Words Of Wisdom With Her Teenaged Daughters

As she moves through middle age, the actor and model has some advice for teens.

Brooke Shields shares some advice about growing older with her daughter Rowan.
Paul Morigi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Actress and model Brooke Shields is sharing some of the best advice that she gives her kids with the world. The 57-year-old actress and model was recently interviewed at the Forbes Power Women's Summit in NYC, where she spoke in detail on the ‘community’ of women over 40 and had some advice for her teenage daughters.

In a conversation with TODAY at the summit, Brooke began by speaking about the adversity women in her age bracket face and also about the often unspoken magic that happens during this stage of life as well.

“You're only marketed to in your 20s or when you're in Depends or dentures," Shields said, going on to say that women in the age group 40 to 65 feel "overlooked. “We feel not marketed to, and it's ridiculous because we have so much to offer,” she lamented.

However, the Golden Globe-nominated star feels “great” and said, directed another comment at women still under 40, “Get ready. The best is yet to come.”

When it came to advice she would give her daughters, Rowan, 19, and Grier, 16, she said, “Make the most out of every single chapter because they're all unique for something different," Shields told TODAY. "Don't rush it, enjoy it — and don't try to be anybody else other than who you are.”

“It's hard to find out who that is," she added. "Listen to yourself.”

Shields is the founder of Beginning is Now, a brand that describes itself as a “growing, global community of women of all ages finding strength, wisdom, optimism, humor, and so much more in each other. We’re learning to live our fullest lives—on our own terms.” The site sells athletic clothing, shares workout videos and tips, and publishes a lifestyle blog.

“Beginning is Now is rooted in the idea that every second, every minute, and every day is a chance to begin again. And why shouldn’t we leap headfirst into those new beginnings together?” the company states.

Shout out to Brooke for helping me look forward to my golden years, and to appreciate whatever hot mess mom stage this is.