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Chelsea Handler Skied Into Her 49th Birthday With A Bikini, A Joint, A Drink & A Dog

The best type of multitasking.

Comedian Chelsea handler rings in every birthday by skiing in a bikini, and it is awesome.
Chelsea Handler / Instagram

One not-great trend among aging women is downplaying their birthday as they get older — a lot of people simply don’t want to celebrate their big day as they climb into their 40s and 50s. After all, why make a big deal about becoming older in a world that often doesn’t value middle-aged women?

Welp, comedian Chelsea Handler is here to tell you it’s not only great to celebrate your birthday after 40, it can be a lot of fun, too.

The star turned 49 this week, and rang in the occasion as we all do: downhill skiing in a bikini while drinking and smoking a joint, with her dog in a backpack.

“Multi-tasking on my 49th,” she wrote on Instagram, along with a video of the festivities.

Who needs a birthday cake when you have skis, a bikini, a drink, a joint, and a dog?

Handler is famous for being outspoken about not having kids (although she compares herself, hilariously, to a divorced dad), and for being a staunch advocate of women’s rights. And here, her ski stunt seems like the perfect screw you to sexism and agism.

Lots of blue-checked celebs responded in the comments with birthday wishes.

Scary Mommy favorite Melissa Joan Hart wrote, “Can I be your cup holder next year for your 50th?”

Please do! We need that in our lives.

“That’s some high frequency sh*t,” Kaitlyn Bristowe wrote.

“You made me laugh out loud along with warming my heart. You are the best,” Naomi Watts added.

The best part of all of this is that it is absolutely a tradition for Handler. She’s an avid skier as well as being an outspoken feminist, so this just fits for her.

For her 48th year, she skied in a American and Canadian flag bikini, showing her love for both countries. For her 46th, she skied topless. Maybe that will be back on-trend next year for her big 5-0.

Anyway. This is the perfect nudge for any woman with a middle-aged birthday coming up. Were you planning to “tone it down” this year or “celebrate quietly”? Maybe instead, go buy a bikini and a dog backpack and see where it takes you.