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Biological Mom Of Todd & Julie Chrisley’s Granddaughter Is Fighting For Full Custody

Todd and Julie Chrisley were recently sentenced to a long prison stay after being convicted of fraud.

The biological mother of Todd and Julie Chrisley's 10-year-old granddaughter Chloe is fighting for f...
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The mother of Todd and Julie Chrisley’s 10-year-old granddaughter Chloe plans to fight for full custody.

"I want her home. She deserves to be home," Angela Johnson, Chloe’s biological mother, told TMZ. "I'm her biological mom. I didn't walk away from her. I was pushed out of her life."

“As of right now, I have not filed any legal papers, but I am in the process of getting some legal papers filed so I can go back to court to get Chloe back home,” she continued.

Chloe’s custody history is a complicated one. Johnson had Chloe with Kyle Chrisley, Todd and Julie’s son, in 2012, and were both granted joint custody. Kyle ultimately lost custody of his daughter in 2016 during his battle with drug addiction, at which point his parents Todd and Julie took Chloe in.

Later in 2016, Johnson lost custody of Chloe after being arrested for filing a fraudulent application for Medicaid assistance, which she told TMZ she has proof that she did not commit. At this point, Todd and Julie gained full custody of Chloe.

After Todd and Julie Chrisley were convicted for fraud charges and sentenced to a combined 19 years in prison starting in January 2023, the reality star couple’s daughter Savannah Chrisley revealed she was legally responsible not only for her younger brother Grayson, 16, but also her niece, Chloe.

“In that time frame Chloe’s been gone, I was talking to attorneys and try to figure out which way to go about getting Chloe back home. But at the same time, we were at a standstill trying to figure out where we would actually end up in court, because they live in like, two or three different states,” Johnson elaborated.

Johnson tearfully claims that the Chrisley Knows Best family iced her out of her own daughter’s life and that she “deserves to be home.”

“I’ve held back for so long,” Angela explained through tears. “[I’m] trying to patiently do it, and I don’t think it’s right for them [the Chrisleys] to pretend I don’t exist and say, ‘Oh, we’re just gonna let Savannah get her.’”

“As far as Savannah goes with Chloe, I don’t think it’s right,” Johnson continued. “Because at the end of the day, I’m her biological mom. I was cut of out her life. I didn’t walk away from her. I was pushed out of her life and they [the Chrisleys] wanted me to forget about Chloe and they wanted Chloe to forget about me.”

“I even have proof I didn’t commit Medicaid fraud, and I never claimed Chloe when I could not claim Chloe,” Johnson noted of the arrest that lost her custody of Chloe six years ago. Let’s hope that however Chloe’s custody situation shakes out, she ends up in the best environment for her.