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Gabrielle Union’s Daughter Dancing Is the Cutest Thing You'll See Today

The three-year-old showed off her skills on her Instagram.

Gabrielle Union's daughter Kaavia is an interpretive dancer in cute new video.
Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

Three years old Kaavia James has 1.9 million followers on Instagram, and it’s not because she’s the daughter of two star-studded celebrities; it’s because she’s a whole mood. The toddler is back at it again in all her glory, this time with a reel of her performing ‘interpretive dance’ skills during a day by the pool.

The video, which was shared yesterday on Kaavia’s personal page, showed off her moves first in a ruffled two-piece swimsuit combo before she cannonballed into the pool — and then again as she danced in a cabana sitting area with mom Gabrielle Union offering back-up moves in the background.

“It’s always time for a dance break. Interpretative dance is my jam. Stay entertained my friends,” the post was captioned.

The post also had cute captions edited into the video, with things like “About to grant you my presences and talents...a little shimmy” and “This dance is one of a kind (like me).”

One follower commented, “We should all be living this week with such a vibe ✨💛” while another shared, “That hip action is letting us know our ‘niece’ is here to own the stage.”

This is ‘verified account’ energy, am I right?

Kaavia made a name for herself pretty soon after her public debut, when parents Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade shared photos of Kaavia’s hysterical facial expressions. Her ‘unbothered’ candids began to trend, and the legend of Kaavia was born.

Like a post Union shared in 2019, captioned “@kaaviajames is not impressed you made it to the #agt live shows.”

Kaavia’s energy, paired with her mom’s captions and commentary, is basically the best thing on the internet— you’re welcome.