An NBA Star Was Mocked For Missing A Playoff Game For The Birth Of His First Child

Fellow NBA players said he was “crazy” for skipping Game 2.

Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas expressed his absolute disgust of Rudy Gobert for missing a playoff...
Stephen Maturen / Getty Images / YouTube

If you thought the world had made any sort of progress with gender roles, the patriarchy, and sexism, I am sad to report that we have taken about ten steps back as a society thanks to a bunch of men with microphones. (It’s always men with microphones!)

During a recent episode of the YouTube series Gil's Arena, former NBA star Gilbert Arenas, a father of four himself, expressed his absolute disgust of Minnesota Timberwolves center Rudy Gobert for missing a playoff game hours after the birth of his first child.

Rudy and his girlfriend Julia Bonilla welcomed their baby boy on May 6, just a few hours before he was expected to play in Game 2 against the Denver Nuggets.

Rudy — who was just named Defensive Player of the Year for the fourth time — was listed as "questionable" on the Timberwolves injury report and ultimately did not play because he didn't think he'd be able to travel back in time to make the game.

The round table of men on the YouTube series (who possibly value a game where you shoot a ball into a hoop over their families) could not believe that Rudy would choose to stay with his girlfriend. Y’know the woman who had just given birth to his kid!

It should also be noted that Rudy's flight was reportedly delayed due to weather conditions, so he wouldn't have made the damn game anyway. That’s the universe’s way of saying, “Nah dawg, you’re going to stay in his hospital and do some skin-to-skin.”

Even still, Gilbert could not wrap his head around Rudy being with his son.

"It’s a baby, bro," Gilbert said. "It’s gonna be there when you get back, we hope. I’m just saying, the baby, whatever you think you about to do, he's going to be asleep."

It’s. A. Baby. Bro.

Another man chimes in to say that the baby will just “be on the tittie” the entire time anyway. Very nice sentiment! Wow! Are any of these men single? What dreamboats!

"I get you want to be with your wife and smile and stuff, and your good NBA healthcare insurance, it’s because of you playing,” Gilbert continued.

He went on to say that his teammates won't respect him for missing the game to be with his girlfriend and their baby. Instead, he thinks Rudy should have played the game and visited the hospital afterward, since Julia would "still be in the hospital, anyway."

Golden State Warriors forward, Draymond Green, also criticized Rudy’s decision on his podcast The Draymond Green Show.

"I'm a father of four," Draymond said. "I love my kids and I love my wife, but she's going to have to hold off for me just a few more hours for a playoff game."

"So when I heard Rudy wasn't going to play, I was like, 'Wow.' To me, it almost felt as if you were almost cashing it in, like, 'We won Game 1,' because my first immediate question was if they lost Game 1, would the approach be the same?"

Rudy has yet to address the criticism he's received for supporting his girlfriend during childbirth. He’s probably busy, you know, being there for his family.

Oh, by the way, despite Rudy’s absence, the Minnesota Timberwolves still won against the Denver Nuggets 106-80. They lead the series 2-0.