Katie Garrity

Katie is an Editor for Scary Mommy, covering news stories on parenting, celebrity, and viral internet moments. Since joining BDG, she’s become one of the site’s top writers with original scoops and viral articles, showcasing everyday parents sharing the messy reality of life. Several underground scoops uncovered by Katie have later made the rounds on several major media outlets including Today and CNN.

She has freelanced for over 12 years, writing news content for several outlets including Distractify and Cuteness. Her essays have been featured in Thought Catalog and Clean Plates. During her writing career, she has had several stories featured on TMZ and The Huffington Post.

Katie has a degree in English with a minor in Writing from North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. She is Google Analytics and Google Adwords certified and spent eight years as a Social Media Manager for a major automotive marketing agency.

In her free time, she’s hanging with her 3-year-old daughter and husband, planning their next family trip, and watching restocking videos on TikTok. Katie is a total Swiftie. Her favorite Taylor Swift album is ‘Evermore,’ but she’s currently in her Reputation era.

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floating the idea

This Swim Coach Says Kids Should Never Be In A Pool Until They Know How To Swim

ByKatie Garrity

Parents rely way too heavily on floaties and puddle jumpers.

outta this world

Watch This NASA Astronaut Encourage A Young Boy Who Was Teased For Wearing Space-Themed Shirts

ByKatie Garrity

Several other TikTok accounts also encouraged the future astronaut to keep being himself.

good for her!

Blake Lively Says She Left Her Kids for the "First Time Ever" To Attend The Super Bowl

ByKatie Garrity

She documented her "Twilight Zone" weekend on Instagram.

play ball (nicely!)

This Youth Baseball Coach Reveals His Biggest Red Flag When It Comes To Parents & Sports

ByKatie Garrity

"This is typically a recipe for disaster..."

it takes a village

Woman Thinks It’s “Absurd” That Some Relatives Charge For Babysitting

ByKatie Garrity

She watches her nephew once a week for free.

personally attacked

A Millennial Mom Says Her Tween Daughter Called Her Name An "Old People Name"

ByKatie Garrity

Is everyone ready for Grandma Katie and Grandpa Tyler?

it is what it is

A Mom Of Three Gives Her Unapologetic Opinion On Kids & Germs

ByKatie Garrity

"I know that the risk of getting sick can't keep us in our house."

cuteness overload

This Adorable Video Of Triplets Laughing Hysterically Will Absolutely Make Your Day

ByKatie Garrity

“How does it get cuter as it goes on?!”

Bella vita

An American Mom Living In Italy Revealed The Top Things About Parenthood She Had To "Get Used To"

ByKatie Garrity

"I'm learning something new every day while raising my kids here in Italy!"

check it out

Aldi Dropped An Adorable Pretend Grocery Store Cart & Playset For Future Aldi Shoppers

ByKatie Garrity

The cart even comes with the infamous quarter slot!


This Boy Mom Wants To Know If Her Bathroom Will Forever Smell Like Pee

ByKatie Garrity

Unfortunately, the responses didn't give her hope.

please no

Not To Alarm Anyone, But Capri Pants Are Coming Back In Style

ByKatie Garrity

Save yourselves, TikTok fashion gurus are sporting the short pants with gusto.

the audacity

New York City Mayor Blames Parents For Remote Learning “Fail” During Recent Snow Day

ByKatie Garrity

He praised his own mom while taking a shot at today's parents.

out of control

Mom Didn't Realize Parents Went "All Out" For Valentine's Day After Showing Son's Ridiculous Haul

ByKatie Garrity

Whatever happened to plain paper valentines?

free hugs

Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift's Post-Super Bowl Win Embrace Brings Up Interesting Debate

ByKatie Garrity

Who gets the first hug — mom or girlfriend?

fine or faux paus?

Mom Of Infant Stirs Up Controversy After Bringing Her Baby To The Gym

ByKatie Garrity

She says she's just "finding balance."

mama needs sleep

Woman Breaks Down The Potential Reason Why Kylie Kelce Didn't Go Out After The Super Bowl

ByKatie Garrity

"She had more quiet plans."

every body is beautiful

Serena Williams Encourages "Loving Yourself" After Posting Stunning Postpartum Body Pic

ByKatie Garrity

The tennis superstar stunned in a white bikini while holding her five-month-old daughter.

just stop

Kaley Cuoco Speaks For All Mothers Who Hate Being Called "Mama" By Other Adults

ByKatie Garrity

"I get this visceral, angry reaction."

shay rules

Scheana Shay Gets Real About Postpartum OCD

ByKatie Garrity

She also opened up to Scary Mommy about the new season of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ and getting back into music.