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Heidi Klum Is Calling Her Freshman Daughter At College ‘Every Two Hours’

The model admits she is struggling to get used to her kid living so far away for school.

Heidi Klum is adjusting to Leni Klum being in college. Here, they are seen on August 27, 2021 in Ven...
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Dropping off your child at college is hard, especially when its your first-born and the experience is full of unknowns for all parties. Well, Heidi Klum is in it and she’s freaking out a little bit about what her daughter will get up to in the Big Apple.

During an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Klum, 49, said her 18-year-old daughter Leni just started university in New York City and “it’s sad.”

“It’s crazy,” Klum continued. “She just moved in and I call and normally she picks up [but] three, four hours I don’t hear anything and I’m already like, my head is going, ‘Where is she? What is she doing? Why isn’t she answering?’ Already the worrying is starting.”

Klum went on to say that watching her kids drive is hard enough let alone shipping them across the country for school. She called Leni “every two hours” this weekend and urged her to just call back.

“Now I want the number of the roommate so that I can bug the roommate if she doesn’t pick up,” Klum joked, sort of, with Corden agreeing with the idea.

“I will be doing that,” Klum said, “And then I will get the number of the neighbor.”

Heidi and Leni.

The America’s Got Talent judge is very close with her daughter — her biological child with ex Flavio Briatore. Klum’s ex-husband, Seal, however is Leni’s father figure and was present for her birth. The pair also share children Lou, 12, Johan, 15, and Henry, 16. The model is now married to musician Tom Kaulitz.

Last week, Klum shared a photo of herself walking the runway pregnant with Leni in celebration of her new chapter.

“Today is your big move to head off to college…😿Seems like only yesterday that this photo was taken when I was four months pregnant with you safe and sound in my belly. 🤰🏼Sometimes I wish I could always have you that close but I know it’s now time for you to go spread your wings and fly. 🦋Take flight, be safe and shine bright my @leniklum 💖,” Klum wrote.

Leni recently spoke about her bond with her mom and how the supermodel urged her to wait until she was 16 before entering the modeling business. At 12, Leni was asked to shoot for the Brandy Melville brand, but Klum said she wasn’t ready.

“I was freaking out because I loved the brand,” Leni told Rollacoaster. “And I was shopping with my mom that day so I was like ‘Mom, please, I’m begging you! I’ve wanted to do this for so long. You can do it, why can’t I?’ She said no, and that I was too young. Ever since then I’ve been begging and begging.”

But having a mom who prioritized a normal childhood shaped Leni’s view on things, she admitted.

“She’s always telling me, ‘Just be true to yourself, and don’t let what other people are saying affect you or change what you’re doing. And it’s always OK to say no.'”

Alas, Klum will surely not take no for an answer when Leni refuses to answer her calls!