Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Jennifer Garner Gets In The Halloween Spirit With Working Mom Costume

Need a last-minute Halloween costume? Jennifer Garner’s got you covered.

Jennifer Garner just posted the best last minute Halloween costume.

Jennifer Garner loves Halloween, and the mom of three made sure to show off her festive side with a hilarious take on one of Spirit Halloween’s bagged Halloween costumes: the working mom. Garner posted her last-minute Halloween getup on Instagram, and even took the time to edit herself on the cover of a spoof Spirit Halloween costume kit she dubbed “Late for the Bus Mom”

“If you’re looking for a last minute costume idea, I got you covered,” Garner wrote on Instagram. Some of the features of Garner’s “costume” include a wet hair wig, lukewarm coffee, cellphone mid-podcast, along with will and determination. Not included? A child already waiting in the car with their lunch box firmly forgotten back in the kitchen. The edited photo also says that undergarments are optional.

Garner’s costume was too hilariously real for some fans.”😂😂😂literally me except not showered,” commented one. “I wore this twice this week already because I’m the queen of Halloween 🎃,” joked another user.

Garner isn’t the only one to poke fun at Spirit Halloween’s oddly specific stock costumes. The #SpiritHalloween hashtag on Instagram has a treasure trove of “costumes” for everyone’s last-minute costume needs that can easily be found at home, like “Woman in late 20s watching true crime all weekend,” (all anyone needs is a Snuggie and some wine. Okay, a lot of wine.)

There’s also the “Invisible Work” costume, which most moms seem to rock year-round. The best part about this costume is that it won’t put a dent in the budget, but it will keep any resentment about default parenting strong.

And for the working moms, there is always this sleek pantsuit look and a couple male coworkers to take credit for your ideas ! The sad part about this costume is how real it is.

Moms wear a variety of hats (or costumes, if you will), throughout the year, and it’s fun to see working moms have some fun riffing on the Spirit Halloween costume meme. Which one is your favorite?