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Jessica Alba’s Daughter Gives Her Parents a Cringeworthy Interview

Ten-year-old Haven got the green light to ask whatever she wanted, and she didn’t hold back.

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren answer parenting questions with daughter Haven.
YouTube/Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba and her film producer hubby Cash Warren shared a wholesome new video on Alba’s YouTube channel this week, where they gave their second daughter, Haven, 10, the freedom to ask them anything she wanted on camera. Haven quickly took on the challenge — and she didn’t hold back.

The Honest Company Founder encouraged her daughter to ask “the most cringey parenting questions,” and Haven immediately responded, “Who’s your favorite child?”

Cash answers first, saying, “Haven, you’re my favorite child, by far!” Jessica agreed, adding, “Whoever is in front of us is our favorite child.”

Haven Warren asks Jessica Alba and Cash Warren cringe-worthy parenting questions.


The couple then shared the endearing story of how they met on set, and Cash jokingly said to the camera, “All those guys out there trying to get somebody out of your league, the key is to sneeze in their mouth when you kiss em’ for the first time, it works.”

Haven was not amused, saying, “When I get a boyfriend, if he does that to me, we’re breaking up.”

She then moved on to ask, “What have you done in your life that would surprise me?” Dad shared that he had two YouTube channels pre-marriage, and before Alba could answer, Haven interjected, “Now, mom tell me something you did that would surprise me, besides the fact that you dated a 42-year-old.”

The shade is real.

The actress curled over in her chair, laughing before saying, “That’s so embarrassing,” and soon after admitted she stole her parents’ car when she was thirteen.

The couple then dished on who they wanted to be when they grew up and if they’ve ever broken the law, in which Haven added that her parents weren’t the only rebels in the family — she’s also a jaywalker.

Cash asked his daughter about her favorite YouTube Influencers, Nicole Laeno, and Brent Rivera, which she got bashful about when he egged her on to give them a shoutout. She laughed nervously while saying, “That would be so weird.”

Eager to switch subjects, she went on to ask her ‘rents, “When you get mad at [me and my siblings], how often are you actually mad?”

After the two were forthright in saying that parenthood is partly not letting them know how adorable they are, Cash answers, “most of the time we’re really mad, and on a rare occasion, it’s funny.”

They chatted about their favorite family vacation before Haven offered up one last question, “What was the name of your first love?”

Dad didn’t waste time saying, “Let’s go to a different question.”

Haven didn’t push back, moving on to “What’s the one thing you would do before you die?”

“I would love to go a full day where no one gets mad at me for watching sports,” said Warren. To which Haven pointed the finger at Alba, saying, “Mom’s the one that’s always yelling, ‘Get off your phone!’”

The couple went on to say that their real answer would be to see their children be parents.

In case you were wondering, they definitely plan on being “awesome grandparents.”

Jessica and Cash are also parents to daughter Honor, 13, and son Hayes, 4. You can catch the heartwarming video on Jessica’s YouTube channel.