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Jessica Simpson Writes The Sweetest Tribute To Her Daughter On Her Tenth Birthday

Maxwell entered her double digits adorably, surrounded by squishmallows.

Jessica Simpson takes her daughter Maxwell Johnson, who just celebrated her 10th birthday, out to di...
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The laundry, the dishes, the nonstop requests for snacks and another $4.99 worth of Robux — caring for kids can be a grind, and, before you know it, you realize that you haven’t said one thing to your kid all day that wasn’t nagging or snappy. Luckily, once a year, we’re forced to stop and consider what makes a kid unique. Birthdays offer us an opportunity to focus on the things our kids are doing right, and to celebrate them for simply being who they are.

Jessica Simpson’s thoughts on her eldest daughter, Maxwell, turning ten are a sweet reminder to tell our kids what they mean to us.

“How is my first born, best news of my life, and best friend already 10yrs old?!?” Simpson wrote on Instagram, posting a photo of a delighted little girl surrounded by over a dozen round Squishmallows, the super-popular, super-soft stuffies perfectly designed to receive exuberant kid hugs. Dressed in cozy fleece sweatpants and socks, and snuggled up in a fluffy blanket, Maxwell embodies that perfect mix of kid comfort and contentment.

Simpson shared that the family, which includes husband Eric Johnson, son Ace Knute, 8, and daughter Birdie Mae, 3, spent a celebratory weekend with friends and family following Maxwell’s lead, adding that the little girl was in no rush to grow up.

“She begged God to not grow up and to wake up 5yrs old again. She told everyone that she turned 5 and it filled my heart with so much gratitude for this beautiful and precious LOVER OF LIFE, God, her angels (yes, she is the soul that talks to angels and feels them everywhere), family, friends, animals, every creature big and small, all things cozy and fluffy to wear and cuddle,” wrote Simpson.

While she may be sweet, Simpson says the little girl isn’t afraid to speak her mind. “Maxwell knows what she wants and communicates her reasoning logically and emotionally in a way that can change most minds (including mine 😜),” wrote Simpson, going on to note that Maxwell often uses this persuasive ability for good. “Maxi can transform anyones subconscious random judgements or biased opinions in less than 3 minutes. It blows my mind on the daily.”

Simpson also reflected on how healing it can feel to parent a kid who’s enjoying childhood. “I woke up this morning and she gave me like 10 [squishmallows] because that is who she is. Gives and gives and gives. She is a child that hands you your childhood back to hold ever so closely.”

All kids should be should be so lucky as to have a loving, attentive mom like Simpson, who understands the importance of taking a moment every now and then to step back and enjoy her children.