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Khloé Kardashian Responds To Those Shaming Her For Holding True

The Kardashian sister threw out a piece of advice to the haters: ‘Worry about your own children.’

Khloe Kardashian held True Thompson while walking the red carpet for 'The Kardashians,' and the inte...
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On Friday, Khloé Kardashian had to defend her choice of carrying her 3-year-old child, True Thompson, whom she shares with ex Tristan Thompson.

The day before, Khloé had been on the red carpet with the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner crew for the premiere of their Hulu series The Kardashians. Khloé held her daughter in her arms for a majority of the photos, and people had problems with that.

“Khloe should put True down and let her grace the red carpet in style, carrying her looks ridiculous,” one person commented under a video of Khloé carrying True. “Omg yes she’s not a damn baby,” replied another.

Ugh. Was mom-shaming always this bad, or has the internet turned it into a twisted sport?

Khloé wasn’t having any of it and took to Twitter the next day. ‘For the people who comment that I hold True too much... number 1 I’m gonna hold my baby until I can’t hold her anymore. Number 2 when there’s tons of cameras around, flashing lights, peps yelling things…I want my baby to feel safe. Worry about your own children. We good over here.”

Fellow moms entered the chat and defended Khloé’s wild decision to carry her child in a bustling, public area full of flashing cameras and journalists clamoring for a soundbite.

“Our child was 6 before ‘she found her legs.’ We carried her around until then. Her favorite statement was “picka me up” and we did. She’s 32 now and just fine,” said one.

“People will hate on someone for anything now I swear , like are people that genuinely upset over Khloe holding and loving her daughter ? Weird weird energy,” another added.

“People used to tell me that too. My now 16 year old daughter is kind, loving, independent, and we are ver close. Worked out for us❤️,” another mom replied.

Let’s all take a page from Khloé’s book and mind our own damn business and let others parent their children the way they see fit.