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Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Still Haven’t Chosen A Name For Their Baby Boy

“We have some really strong options but we haven’t officially changed it,” said Jenner.

Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner, and Stormi Webster attend the The Parsons Benefit  -- the Jenners have y...
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A little over two months since his birth and days before the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians drops, Kylie Jenner, 24, and Travis Scott, 30, still haven’t settled on a name for their baby boy.

The parents to Stormi — who turned four just the day before welcoming her baby brother — announced on February 12 that the baby’s name was Wolf Webster. Jenner then backtracked over a month later. After posting a sweet video tribute to her newborn soon, she took to Instagram to clarify, saying, “FYI our sons name isn’t Wolf anymore.”

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight’s Lauren Zima, the reality star and beauty mogul explained, “Wolf was never on our list, it was actually something Khloe suggested.”

“Don’t do this to me,” joked Khloe.

“I liked the name,” Jenner clarified. “It just wasn’t him.”

The sisters laughed, but Kim and Khloe also made it clear that they both liked the name Wolf and were supportive of Kylie’s decision-making process.

“Sometimes you have to meet the baby,” said Kim. “I didn’t name any of my kids for ten days, two weeks,” she said. “And I contemplated changing names.”

Proving yet again that she may not quite understand the definition of hardship, Kim continued, “It’s the hardest things in the world to name a child.”

Jenner also mentioned feeling the pressure of facing a deadline to select a name to put on the baby’s birth certificate.

While they do not have a name yet, Jenner told ET, “we have some really strong options.”

“We have some placeholders,” chimed in Momager extraordinaire Kris Jenner, who surely leaves no details of her empire untouched, especially something as significant of the naming of new royalty.

Jenner said she wanted to see a little more of her son’s personality before making his second official name permanent.


Jenner and Scott are going to have to come to an agreement sometime soon, however. If he follows in the footsteps of his famous cousins, little not-Wolf is going to need a name to tag in all his social media posts before long.