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55+ Magical 'Mary Poppins' Quotes That Are Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

A classic everyone will enjoy.

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Feeling nostalgic and hoping for a few Mary Poppins quotes to brighten your mood? Well, you’re in the right place! Mary Poppins is an uplifting figure who has entertained children for nearly a century. Author P.L. Travers first brought the character to life in 1934 in the classic novel of the same name, illustrated by Mary Shephard. This author-illustrator team went on to produce a total of eight books in the series. Then, in 1964, Julie Andrews put a face — and a voice! — to the iconic name Mary Poppins. The musical brought in a whopping $103.1 million at the box office, only beat out by Audrey Hepburn’s My Fair Lady as the year’s highest-grossing movie. Later, Disney brought Mary Poppins back to the big screen with Mary Poppins Returns, a charming sequel that’s a must-watch if you loved the original.

In a day and age when we could all use a proverbial spoon full of sugar, sometimes you just need the magic only this exceptional nanny can bring. So, we’re sharing quotes from both the 1964 version and Disney’s new adaptation. When you read them, it’s almost as if you’re hearing this classic story play out in your head.

Memorable Mary Poppins (1964) Quotes to Brighten Your Day

1. (singing) “Winds in the east, mist coming in/Like somethin’ is brewin’ and ’bout to begin/Can’t put me finger on what lies in store/But I feel what’s to happen all happened before.” — Bert

2. “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and — SNAP — the job’s a game!” — Mary Poppins

3. Mary Poppins: “You know, you *can* say it backwards, which is ‘docious-ali-expi-istic-fragil-cali-rupus’ — but that’s going a bit too far, don’t you think?”

Bert: “Indubitably!”

4. Mr. Dawes Sr.: “Well, do you have anything to say, Banks?”

Mr. Banks: “Well, sir, they do say that when there’s nothing to say, all you can say…” (He feels Michael’s tuppence in his pocket, takes it out, and looks at it.)

Mr. Dawes Sr.: “Confound it, Banks! I said do you have anything to say?”

Mr. Banks: (begins giggling hysterically) “Just one word, sir…”

Mr. Dawes Sr.: “Yes?”

Mr. Banks: “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!”

Mr. Dawes Sr.: “What?”

Mr. Banks: “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Mary Poppins was right, it’s extraordinary! It does make you feel better!” (giggling again)

Mr. Dawes Sr.: “What are you talking about, man? There’s no such word!”

Mr. Banks: “Oh yes! It is a word! A perfectly good word! Actually, do you know what there’s no such thing as? It turns out, with due respect, when all is said and done, that there’s no such thing as YOU!”

5. Mr. Banks: “Just a moment, Mary Poppins. What is the meaning of this outrage?”

Mary Poppins: “I beg your pardon?”

Mr. Banks: “Will you be good enough to explain all this?”

Mary Poppins: “First of all, I would like to make one thing quite clear.”

Mr. Banks: “Yes?” Mary Poppins: “I never explain anything.” (exits)

Mary Poppins: (singing) “He traveled all around the world, and everywhere he went, he’d use his word, and all would say, ‘There goes a clever gent!'”

6. Bert: (singing) “When dukes or maharajahs pass the time o’ day wi’ me, I say me special word and then they ask me out to tea!”

Mary Poppins, Bert: “Oh, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious, if you say it loud enough, you’ll always sound precocious! Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!”

7. (Mary Poppins measures herself with her tape measure and reads what it says.) “As I expected. ‘Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way.'” — Mary Poppins

8. Mary Poppins: “Our first game is called ‘Well Begun is Half-Done.'”

Michael: “I don’t like the sound of that.”

Mary Poppins: “Otherwise titled ‘Let’s Tidy up the Nursery.'”

Michael: (to Jane) “I told you she was tricky.”

9. Mary Poppins: (singing) “So when the cat has got your tongue, there’s no need for dismay! Just summon up this word, and then you’ve got a lot to say! But better use it carefully or it could change your life…”

Busker: “For example…”

Mary Poppins: “Yes?”

Busker: “One night I said it to me girl, and now me girl’s me wife.” (wife gets angry and hits him with tambourine) Ow! And a lovely thing she is, too.” (wife smiles)

10. “Close your mouth, please, Michael. We are not a codfish.” — Mary Poppins

11. “That’s a piecrust promise. Easily made, easily broken.” — Mary Poppins

12. Jane: “Mary Poppins, we won’t let you go!”

Mary Poppins: “Go? What on earth are you talking about?”

Michael: “Didn’t you get sacked?”

Mary Poppins: “Sacked? Certainly not. I am never sacked!”

Jane: “Oh, Mary Poppins!”

Jane, Michael: “Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!”

Mary Poppins: “Neither am I a Maypole. Kindly stop spinning about me.”

13. Bert: “It’s true that Mavis and Sybil have ways that are winning, and Prudence and Gwendolyn set your heart spinning! Phoebe’s delightful, Maude is disarming…”

Penguins: “Janice, Felicia, Lydia…” Bert: “…charming! Cynthia’s dashing, Vivian’s sweet! Stephanie’s smashing, Priscilla’s a treat!”

14. Penguins: “Veronica, Millicent, Agnes, and Jane…”

Bert: “…convivial company, time and again. Dorcas and Phyllis and Glynis are sports I will agree are three jolly good sports, but cream of the crop, tip of the top…it’s Mary Poppins, and there we stop!”

15. Mary Poppins: (watching Bert, Albert, Jane, and Michael laugh together on the ceiling) “Why, it’s the most disgraceful sight I’ve ever seen, or my name isn’t Mary Poppins.”

Bert: “Speakin’ o’ names, I know a man with a wooden leg named Smith.” Uncle Albert: “What’s the name of his other leg?” (he, Bert, Jane, and Michael laugh)

16. Bert: “All right, I’ll do it myself!”

Mary Poppins: “Do what?”

Bert: “Bit o’ magic!”

Michael: “A bit of magic?”

Bert: “It’s easy! Let’s see… You think.” (he, Jane, and Michael do so) “You wink.” (they do so) “You do a double blink.” (they do so) “You close your eyes… and jump!” (They jump onto the drawing, but nothing happens.)

Jane: “Is something s’posed to happen?”

Mary Poppins: “Bert, what utter nonsense!” (gives an exasperated sigh)

18. Mary Poppins: “Why do you always complicate things that are really quite simple? Give me your hand please, Michael. Don’t slouch. One…two…” (They jump into the chalk picture.)

Jane: “Good morning, father!”

Mr. Banks: (grumbles) “Morning.”

Jane: “Mary Poppins taught us the most wonderful word!”

Michael: “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!”

Mr. Banks: “What on Earth are you talking about, supercal… super… or whatever the infernal thing is?”

Jane: “It’s something to say when you don’t know what to say.”

Mr. Banks: “Yes, well, I always know what to say.”

19. Mrs. Banks: (singing) “We’re clearly soldiers in petticoats and dauntless crusaders for women’s a-votes! Though we adore men individually, we agree that as a group they’re rather stupid.”

Mr. Banks: “I suggest you have this piano repaired. When I sit down to an instrument, I like to have it in tune.”

Mrs. Banks: “But George, you don’t play.”

Mr. Banks: “Madam, that is entirely beside the point!”

20. Bert: “It reminds me of me, brother. He got a nice cushy job at a watch factory.”

Uncle Albert: “At a watch factory? What does he do?”

Bert: “He stands about all day… and makes faces!”

Uncle Albert: (laughing hysterically) “He makes faces in a watch factory!”

21. Michael: “I want it to feed the birds.”

Mr. Dawes Sr.: “Fiddlesticks, boy! Feed the birds and what have you got? Fat birds! But…”

22. Mr. Dawes Sr.: (sings) “If you invest your tuppence wisely in the bank, safe and sound, soon that tuppence, safely invested in the bank, will compound! And you’ll achieve that sense of conquest, as your affluence expands! In the hands of the directors, who invest as propriety demands!”

Mrs. Banks: “As a matter of fact, since you hired Mary Poppins, the most extraordinary things seem to have come over the household.”

Mr. Banks: “Is that so?” Mrs. Banks: “Take Ellen, for instance. She hasn’t broken a dish all morning.”

Mr. Banks: “Really? Well, that is extraordinary.”

23. (singing) “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, the medicine go down, the medicine go down. Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, in the most delightful way.” — Mary Poppins

24. Jane: “An outing with Father?”

Mary Poppins: “Yes.”

Michael: “I don’t believe it!”

Jane: “He’s never taken us on an outing before.”

Michael: “He’s never taken us anywhere!”

Jane: “Mary Poppins, however, did you manage it?”

Mary Poppins: “Manage what?”

Jane: “You must have put the idea in his head somehow.”

Mary Poppins: “What an impertinent thing to say! Me, putting ideas into people’s heads? Really!”

Jane: “Where’s he taking us?”

Mary Poppins: “To the bank.”

Jane: “Oh Michael, the city! We’ll see all the sights and Father can point them out to us!”

Mary Poppins: “Well, most things he can. Sometimes a person we love, through no fault of their own, can’t see past the end of his nose.”

25. (singing) “A British bank is run with precision. A British home requires nothing less. Tradition, discipline, and rules must be the tools. Without them: disorder, catastrophe, anarchy! In short, you have a ghastly mess.” — Mr. Banks

26. “Speaking of weather, the other day when it was so cold, a friend of mine went to buy some long underwear. The shopkeeper said to him, ‘How long do you want it?’ And my friend said, ‘Well, from about September to March.'” — Uncle Albert

27. Mrs. Banks: “But you’re always saying that you wanted a cheerful and pleasant household.”

Mr. Banks: “Winifred, I should like to make a slight differentiation between the word ‘cheerful’ and just plain giddy irresponsibility.”

28. “Enough is as good as a feast.” — Mary Poppins

29. “Oh. Sure about that, are you? Look at it this way. You’ve got your mother to look after you and Mary Poppins and Constable Jones and me. Who looks after your father? Tell me that. When something terrible happens, what does he do? Fends for himself; he does. Who does he tell about it? No one. Don’t blab his troubles at home. He just pushes on at his job, uncomplaining and alone and silent.” — Bert

30. Mary Poppins: (singing) “Early each day to the steps of St. Paul's, the little old bird woman comes... In her own special way to the people she calls, come buy my bags full of crumbs. Come feed the little birds, show them you care, and you'll be glad if you do. Their young ones are hungry, their nests are so bare; all it takes is tuppence from you. Feed the birds, tuppence a bag. Tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag... Feed the birds, that's what she cries, while overhead her birds fill the skies. All around the cathedral the saints and apostles look down as she sells her wares. Although you can't see it, you know they are smiling each time someone shows that he cares. Though her words are simple and few, listen, listen, she's calling to you. Feed the birds, tuppence a bag. Tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag. Though her words are simple and few, listen, listen she's calling to you. Feed the birds, tuppence a bag. Tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag.”

Quotes From Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

1. “Bucks and mares, cubs and does welcome to our show of shows! ‘Tis my great honor to introduce this evening’s renowned guest: the one… the only… Mar-y Poppin!” — Jack

2. “There’s a different point of view awaiting you if you just look up.” — Jack

3. “Nothing. Such a useful word, isn’t it? It can mean anything and everything.” — Mary Poppins

4. “Everything is possible, even the impossible.” — Mary Poppins

5. “Head up and feet beneath you.” — Mary Poppins

6. “We’re on the brink of adventure, children. Don’t spoil it with questions.” — Mary Poppins

7. “Let the past take a bow. The forever is now.” — Jack

8. “A cover is not the book, so open it up and take a look.” — Mary Poppins

9. “Nothing is gone forever, only out of place.” — Mary Poppins

10. Michael Banks: “Good heavens, it really is you! You seem hardly to have aged at all!”

Mary Poppins: “Really? How incredibly rude! One never discusses a woman’s age, Michael. Would have hoped I taught you better.”

Michael Banks: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…”

11. Georgie Banks: “I miss my mother.”

Mary Poppins: “Oh, listen to the three of you. You’re all worrying far too much. After all, you can’t lose what you’ve never lost.”

Georgie Banks: “I don’t understand.”

12. “Some people like to splash and play; can you imagine that? And take a seaside holiday; can you imagine that?” — Mary Poppins

13. “For when you dream, you’ll find all that’s lost, is found.” — Mary Poppins

14. (to the Banks children) “I’d like to tell you a little story. Once upon a time, there was a man with a wooden leg…. That’s not it.” — Mr. Dawes Jr.

15. Michael Banks: “I honestly can’t remember why we kept most of this stuff to begin with. I mean, why on earth did we save this old broken thing.”

Jane Banks: “Don’t you remember that kite? We used to love flying that with mother and father.” Michael Banks: (puts the kite in a box) “Well, it won’t fly anymore. Out it goes. No looking back.”

16. Jane Banks: (referring to Jack’s bicycle) “Are you sure this is quite safe?”

Mary Poppins: “Not in the slightest. Ready!”

17. “Today or never. That’s my motto.” — Mary Poppins

18. “When the world turns upside down, the best thing to do is turn right along with it.” — Mary Poppins

19. “You’re too focused on where you’ve been to pay attention to where you’re going.” — Mary Poppins

20. “When you change the view from where you stood, the things you view will change for good.” — Mary Poppins

21. (sees Mary Poppins fly down with the kite) “As I live and breathe.” — Jack

22. “My goodness, Annabel, what have you done to your clothes? You could grow a garden in that much soil. And, John, yes, just as filthy.” — Mary Poppins

23. Jack: “May I say, you look lovely, as always.”

Mary Poppins: “Do you really think so? Nice to see you, Jack.”

Jack: “Good to see you too, Mary Poppins.”

24. (sinking herself into a bubble bath) “Off we go.” — Mary Poppins

25. Annabel Banks: “How on earth did she do that?”

Jack: “One thing you should know about Mary Poppins, she never explains anything.”

26. John Banks: “What’s a leerie?”

Jack: “Why, it’s what we lamplighters call ourselves, of course. Time to send up the call to arms. Leeries, trip the light to lead the way!”

27. Michael Banks: “Those days are long behind me. I don’t think I’ve held a balloon since I was a child.”

Balloon Lady: “Then you’ve forgotten what it’s like.”

Michael Banks: “To hold a balloon?” Balloon Lady: “To be a child.”

28. “It’s a good thing you came along when you did, Mary Poppins.” — Jack

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