A Hockey Coach Watching His Son On The Jumbotron Is The Funniest Thing You'll See Today

All parents will recognize St. Louis Blues’ assistant coach Steve Ott's expression: trying to keep a straight face while your child does something amazingly ridiculous.

St. Louis Blues assistant coach Steve Ott was all parents when he saw his son maverick losing it on ...
St. Louis Blues / Twitter

There’s nothing quite like raising a child. The strange, conflicting mix of emotions that you can feel while looking at another human being can be overwhelming. For example, who knew you could feel emotions like pride, embarrassment, joy, laughter, and a dash of mortification all at once?

Just ask St. Louis Blues Assistant Coach Steve Ott, who was in the middle of a very tense playoff hockey game with the Minnesota Wild on Sunday when he casually glanced up at the stadium’s jumbotron to see his young son in the stands, going completely and utterly wild.

The Blues posted a video of the moment, and it is just so, so, so hilarious.

On the top of the screen, we see elementary-aged Maverick, who quickly realizes he’s being captured on the big screen as he cheers for his dad’s team. He acts quickly, taking off his Blues jersey, spinning it in a circle, and tossing it into the air while dancing. Then, bare-chested and excited out of his mind, he screams and flexes his wee muscles.

It was like he was taking lessons from Jason Kelce.

At the same time, his dad Steve was behind the bench, doing, you know, his job. But a short glance at the jumbotron alerted the notoriously serious coach to his son’s antics, and it’s at that moment that he lets slip the smallest smirk in his kid’s direction. Good dad.

You can tell that he is at the same moment super proud and that also he thinks it’s funny as hell.

And the cheering might have helped, because the Blues clinched a 3-1 victory that day, allowing the team to get one step closer to the championship. I hear the big winner gets a super-trendy 40-ounce Stanley Cup.