Ah, teenagers!

Melissa Joan Hart Finds Watching Her Boys Grow Older ‘Upsetting’ And ‘Weird’ And Yep!

The actor is mourning “the loss of childhood” as her three sons learn about sex and start to drive.

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Actress Melissa Joan Hart is having a lot of big feelings about her boys growing up — especially as they hit milestones like getting their drivers’ license.

For example, as a mom, there’s probably nothing quite like having “the sex talk” with your growing sons, and Hart is grappling with talking about the birds and the bees with all three of her kids — Mason, 16, Braydon, 14, and Tucker, 9.

Believe it or not, her 9-year-old is on board with the awkward discussions while the older kids are, of course, completely skeeved out by it.

"The oldest one wants to know nothing. He's like, 'Stop, I don't want to know,’" Hart told People of Mason. "The middle one's like, 'Tell me a little. That's gross. OK. Stop,' and the little one is like, 'Tell me everything. What's a period?’”

Wow, what a range of interests!

Although she understands it can be strange to discuss sex and anatomy with your mom, Hart, 45, wants her sons to know they can trust her to be there for them, no matter the situation.

"I want them to feel like they can come to me with questions," she said. "But I also don't feel like I'm wanting them to feel like, 'Oh my God, mom,' close the ears and shy away because that's a little creepy too if your mom tells you too much detail."

Hart, who is married to musician Mark Wilkerson, admits her boys are “getting huge” and that Mason is already driving — both cars and planes!

“It's really upsetting,” Hart said of her oldest getting his driver’s license, even though “it’s super helpful” when he can help shuttle his younger siblings around town.

"He's a pilot also, so he flies planes. I know he has a respect for engineering and machinery. So that helps,” she continued. “The younger two I'm more afraid of driving. But it's just a loss of — It's a loss of their childhood when they start driving, which is weird."

No doubt it’s hard to watch your little ones transform into teens in what seems like the blink of an eye, but each stage of motherhood is a journey. Luckily for Hart, Mason isn’t quite interested in dating just yet. (Or so she thinks...)

"He's sort of navigating it now. But he wants to focus on football, so he doesn't want anything to distract him from that,” Hart told People, adding that her kids have cousins in college they look up to and learn from, which ... sounds absolutely terrifying?

Growing up is a part of life, though. Sigh. Here’s to navigating the adolescent days together. They’re surely a doozy. It would be weird if no one got a little weirded out.