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10+ Movies & Documentaries That Center Homeschooling

Films that focus on the homeschool experience don't come around very often, and it's a real shame — they help normalize a valid educational choice for many families. And in addition to some meaningful takeaways, they're usually so good that you'd want to watch them even if you have no ties to homeschooling. Case in point? The following enlightening movies and documentaries to watch this May for Homeschool Awareness Month.

Written by Emily Weaver
Originally Published: 
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Class Dismissed (2015)

This documentary follows a family in Los Angeles who, frustrated with the traditional school system, decides to homeschool. In doing so, they find they must also face the social ramifications and long-standing assumptions about this unconventional educational path. Their story will challenge you to look at homeschooling from a fresh, modern perspective.

Captain Fantastic (2016)

In this dramedy, a father (Viggo Mortensen) raises his six children in a forest in the Pacific Northwest. When their mother falls ill and dies in the hospital, they’re forced to come out of their secluded environment to attend her funeral. Following their surprise arrival, Mortensen’s character finds he must defend the family’s “unorthodox” lifestyle.