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20+ Movies Like 'Enola Holmes' Your Precocious Kid Will Love

So many role models for your little ones to look up to.

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Millie Bobby Brown in 'Enola Holmes' —Movies Like Enola Holmes
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When Netflix released Enola Holmes, we were leery of yet another Sherlock Holmes franchise. Seriously? How many times can they do it? But we couldn’t ignore such a stellar cast. We adore Millie Bobby Brown (Enola), worship Henry Cavill (Sherlock), and long to be Helena Bonham Carter (Eudoria). The rich costumes and scenery also beckoned us to watch Enola Holmes. Soon enough, we were pressing play and locked in on the escapades of Enola — the strong, smart, and mischievous teenage sister of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes. With the first part of her story behind us and a long wait ahead for part two, we need a new outlet. Whether it’s the fierce female leads that get you, the adventure of it all, or just simply the dreamy costumes, you have options when it comes to other movies like Enola Holmes.

After all, the film makes a fantastic pick for family movie night. To recap a bit, Enola travels to London to find her mother, Eudoria, who taught her to think independently and challenge social norms. So, when Enola awakes on her 16th birthday to find her mom missing, she sets out on a desperate search to track her down (and avoid being sent away to boarding school). Naturally, pulling that off was no easy task — especially when her big brother was none other than the infamous Sherlock Holmes.

The film centers on traits like cleverness, individuality, and boldness, making it the kind of movie you definitely want to share with your tween or teen. And, so you have more options once you’ve watched this together and await the sequel, we’ve pulled together a list of movies like Enola Holmes, featuring tons more precocious girls and fancy clothes. Enjoy!

More Mysteries and Period Dramas Like Enola Holmes

1. Nancy Drew (2007)

If you read Nancy Drew as a kid, you know how captivating her stories are, right? The mysteries aren’t particularly terrifying, but they are thrilling and enthralling. And guess what? The movie is just as good. Plus, if your kiddo can wrap her head around the casting change, the second one is just as good.

2. Harriet the Spy (1996)

Harriet is another movie based on a book. Raise your hand if, after seeing the movie, you wanted to be a spy like Harriet and tried to copy her looks. Young Michelle Trachtenberg in that bright yellow slicker is practically iconic, right?! Things are rough for her for a hot minute, but her ultimate victory is worth the drama.

3. The Sleepover (2020)

If you’re looking for something a little fresher, check out The Sleepover. The film follows Clancy and Kevin after they uncover the truth about their mom: She’s a former renowned thief in the witness protection program. If you’re looking for kid-sized action, a bit of mystery, mixed-gender leading roles, and a whole bunch of fun, this is the answer.

4. Coraline (2009)

So, it should be pretty obvious by now that we read a lot, hm? The movie Coraline had a lot to live up to when adapted from the book. Written by Neil Gaiman, the short, spooky novel was spellbinding. Gaiman’s way with words is inimitable. He’s just too good. Somehow, though, this stop-action film about a creepy, button-eyed other family held up perfectly to the book. Bonus points: Another yellow slicker is involved!

5. Annabelle Hooper and the Ghosts of Nantucket (2016)

Annabelle Hooper is precisely the kind of mystery you show to a kid who might still be a bit skittish. Are you, a full-fledged adult, going to love it? Probably not. But it’s sweet and cute and follows yet another strong, smart, and mischievous little girl. And isn’t that simply the exact kind of role model we want for our girls?

6. Casper (1995)

Hi. Yes. Casper. You remember this film, right? Christina Ricci moves into a spooky old house and becomes besties with one of the ghosts who haunt it, voiced and then played by a young Devon Sawa. And, well, you probably watched it because you thought Sawa was dreamy. But your kiddo will love Casper for all the other reasons you kept rewinding and restarting your VHS: the cool inventions, those silly older ghosts, and the mystery surrounding the whole house.

7. Little Women (1994)

Oh, Marmie! This movie is a bit slow and without much adventure, so it might be less captivating for a younger audience. But, once they hit about fourth or fifth grade, your kid will absolutely love meeting the March sisters and watching them get into some wholesome trouble. This is a holiday classic in our fam. PS: Get the book series and read them together, then follow up the series and 1994 film with Greta Gerwig’s 2019 adaptation.

8. Emma (2020)

We’ve lost track of how many of our recommendations started as novels, but this is another one. This bold, colorful retelling of the Austen classic is filmmaking at its most gorgeous. Hot take: If you get to watch it and you’re particularly interested in George Knightley, you might be thrilled to know that the actor, Johnny Flynn, is an accomplished musician. Check out his music, too!

9. Veronica Mars (2014)

Veronica Mars used to be a private eye in high school, and with her high school reunion coming up, she finds herself back in the same role. When she travels back to her hometown, Mars is thrust back into the crime-solving arena, and this may be her most challenging murder case yet. Whether you’re familiar with the 2004 series Veronica Mars, this movie is still a great flick that’ll give you the Enola Holmes vibes you’re looking for.

More Tween- and Teen-Friendly Adventures Like Enola Holmes

Although some of the following have male leads, these movies are still excellent options for Enola Holmes fans.

  1. Belle (2013)
  2. Artemis Fowl (2020)
  3. Sherlock Holmes (2009)
  4. The Secret Garden (1993)
  5. A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004)
  6. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001)
  7. Looking for Alaska (2019)
  8. The Shadow in the North (2007)
  9. Crooked House (2017)
  10. Tomb Raider (2018)
  11. Before I Fall (2017)
  12. The Young Victoria (2009)
  13. The Illusionist (2010)

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