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Grab Your Kid & Sing Along To This Exclusive Clip From Netflix’s My Little Pony: Winter Wishday

The Mane 5 is about to put your fam in a very merry (or should we say mare-y?) mood.

'My Little Pony: Winter Wishday' comes to Netflix on Nov. 21.
Hasbro Entertainment One/Netflix

If there’s one thing millennial parents love, it’s sharing favorite characters from our youth with our own kids — and you can’t get much more nostalgic when it comes to throwback cartoons than My Little Pony. Yes, these anthropomorphic horses have evolved since they made their original debut in the ‘80s; in fact, they’re in their “fifth generation.” But the themes at the heart of the ponyverse (friendship, individuality, teamwork, compromise, the list goes on) are more relevant than ever. So, the fact that Netflix is releasing the brand-new, holiday-themed My Little Pony: Winter Wishday on Nov. 21 feels a little bit like an early holiday present for millennial moms everywhere. And, bonus! Scary Mommy has an exclusive clip from the special.

A 44-minute-long continuation of Netflix’s massively popular MLP series, Winter Wishday features at least one voice you’ll definitely recognize: Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, the star of Netflix’s super-popular Never Have I Ever as well as Disney’s Turning Red. Ramakrishnan voices Zipp Storm, one of the “Mane 5.” Rounding out that group? Jenna Warren as Sunny Starscout, JJ Gerber as Hitch Trailblazer, Ana Sani as Izzy Moonbow, and AJ Bridel as Pipp Petals.

Hasbro Entertainment One/Netflix

Wherever the Mane 5 go, adventure follows. In Winter Wishday, everyone’s favorite ponies are all looking forward to celebrating the holiday season. When Sunny realizes that they each have their own unique traditions, they decide to celebrate all of them in one day. They plan to make that happen with the help of Izzy’s latest project, a flying van they’ve dubbed the Marestream. Um, MLP road trip? Count us in.

Not to give too much away, but the ponies' day of holiday traditions includes festive activities like making gingerbread houses at Hitch’s grandma’s house and placing hoof-made ornaments on the Wishing Tree.

Hasbro Entertainment One/Netflix

However, in true pony fashion, you know there’s going to be a hiccup or two along the way. For the Mane 5, they run into trouble when the snowfall becomes so heavy that they can’t find the Marestream.

With a little detective work, they realize that a standard holiday greeting — “Frosty shivers!” — is actually to blame for the blizzardy weather. Naturally, the group of do-gooding equines must first help fix the situation before they can finish their ultimate day of traditions. It all feels very on-brand for the ponyverse, including our favorite part of the journey: a holiday sing-along.

To the tune of the classic “Over the River and Through the Woods,” the Mane 5 start belting out their very own holiday song before realizing something isn’t quite right. Watch the exclusive clip below to see how they find their harmony in the very merry sing-along moment:

Starting to feel that holiday spirit, right? Mark your calendar — My Little Pony: Winter Wishday comes to Netflix on Nov. 21. And if you’re looking for even more ponyverse fun for the whole family, My Little Pony recently launched an immersive activation on Roblox that has racked up over 5 million visits since it dropped in September.