The New 'Cats' Trailer Is Here And The Memes Are Golden

Universal Pictures/Youtube and aebgriffiths/Twitter

Cats‘ second trailer is even more terrifying than the first, and the internet has thoughts

Tom Hooper’s Cats just dropped another trailer and, we don’t want to oversell it, but it’s basically the stuff nightmares are made of. Those dark and haunting fears you have and hope they go into the ether? Hooper found them, stuffed them into full-body catsuits, and turned them into a feature-length film. But don’t worry; the internet is here with witty repartee to offset the CGI insanity you’re about to see.

ICYMI, the first trailer for Hooper’s live-action adaption of this Andrew Lloyd Webber classic was released back in July. Willing viewers queued it up, seduced by the nostalgia of the iconic Broadway play. Or perhaps it was the star-studded cast — including the likes of Dame Judi Dench, Idris Elba, Taylor Swift, and more — that led people to hit play on two minutes of pure feline nightmare fuel.

This time, our sadomasochism was surely driven by a desire to be part of the collective internet response. Because, regardless of how the movie actually turns out, the reactions to the trailers make watching strangely sexy cat-people totally worth any temporary discomfort.

The Idris Elba memes alone could carry this cat-astrophe (couldn’t resist) at the box office.

Another delight? The cat-parisons to other characters.

Some people still can’t get past the abject terror the new Cats movie is marketing.

While others obviously understand what Hooper intended with this remake.

A few commenters realized the movie execs missed bankable opportunities.

Of course, we should probably be fair and point out that some people expressed their unadulterated excitement over the movie, mind-melting-furry-cat-people-bodies aside.

We’re not going to say those fervent defenders are crazy cat people, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they have a feline friend at home named Grizabella. Or Bombalurina. Or, if they were feeling really meta and recently adopted their kitty friend, Taylor Swift (playing Bombalurina).

But we digress. Bottom line? The reactions to the second Cats trailer run the gamut — but most of them are hilarious. So, even if you decide you aren’t psychologically equipped to handle giant dancing cats on the big screen, consider the tweets about them a must-see.