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This New Mom Broke Down And Her Dogs Immediately Ran To Comfort Her

Drea Helton León shared the security footage to show just how special dogs can be to a family.

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Any mom can admit to having an emotional breakdown (or ten) during those first few months after having a baby. Exhausted from the sleepless nights, sore nipples, and um, the entirety of your life changing, it’s totally normal to collapse, exhausted and think, “What the hell is happening here?”

For one mom, she was lucky enough to have her adoring dogs come to her aid when life as a new mom became a little too overwhelming.

Drea Helton León shared security footage from her living room that captured the touching moment when her dogs rushed to her side as she wept on the couch. The footage is going viral on TikTok, gaining 4.8 million views, 703,000 likes, and over 6,000 comments.

In the video, we see the new mom vacuuming and tidying up her home while her dogs watch. Suddenly, León seems overwhelmed with emotion and collapses onto the couch, burying her head in her arms.

That’s when, without a second thought, León’s worried dogs rush to her side and cuddle up beside her, one at a time. Seemingly, these dogs are doing their best to comfort their owner in a time of distress, and their concern comes from the heart.

One TikTok user responded to the sweet moment to dig into what those dogs must have been thinking when they saw their mom in a moment of hurt. “They said ‘mamas it’s okay. We got you. [You’re] doing great. We are here.’ Animals are so amazing. [You’re] amazing!” they wrote.

Another mom noted how relatable León’s emotional moment was and said, “[Motherhood] is literally the most lonely, exhausting, and rewarding job.”

León, who has been very open about her IVF journey and honest takes on motherhood, explained further on Instagram just how thankful she was to have her pups at her side during that moment.

“Us moms are so hard on ourselves. We have so much pressure to do it all. We put ourselves last. We say unkind things to ourselves,” she wrote. “I’m grateful for these dogs coming to the rescue to remind me I’m loved. I’m doing my best.”

She went on to explain that some life changes coming up overwhelmed her in the moment caught on video, and she is glad that she was open and honest about her struggles, reminding other moms that it’s okay to let those emotions show.

“Life is about to get hard for this mama. Irving’s starting school and we won’t see him as much (he’s doing an accelerated program). Trying to figure out how I will manage working from home, taking care of baby, 3 dogs and everything else,” she explained.

She capped off the message with a word of encouragement and also a shoutout to all the moms out there who don’t have the best support systems because even with a husband and village around you, León admits that it’s still really hard to be a mom.

“My single mama friends have been incredible during this transition ... Idk how y’all do it. I have a supportive husband and I’m still losing my mind from time to time. Y’all are superhero’s,” she wrote. “Sending hugs to all the mamas today. I see you ... It’s okay to cry and release emotions but be kind to yourself! You’re doing better than you think.”

Now that’s a message any mom can appreciate. it’s okay to cry, you’re doing great, and even if you’re not, your pets are there make sure everyone gets through.