Use A Coaster

Sasha And Malia Obama Hosted Their Parents For A ‘Cocktail Night’ And It Sounded Adorable

“The martinis were a little weak,” Michelle Obama joked.

President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and their daughters, Sasha (back left) and Malia,...
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While the Obamas are sorely missed by many in the White House, it’s hard not to also love post-first lady Michelle Obama. The best-selling author recently visited the TODAY show to chat about her latest book and share a rare and hilarious story of when her daughters, Malia, 24, and Sasha, 21, hosted her and Barack for the first time at their new place together.

While Malia and Sasha enjoy their new chapter of living together away from their parents for the first time, they invited their prestigious parents to a cocktail night that consisted of martinis and a fancy cheeseboard.

“We were going to take them to dinner, and they said, ‘why don’t you come over to our spot for cocktails,” Michelle told TODAY hosts Hoda and Jenna. “We were like, ‘Okay, let's see what this is going to be like.”

“Well [first], the martinis were a little weak. I don’t think they really knew what it was,” Michelle shared as she laughed.

When the drinks were served and handed off to their parents, Michelle was quickly stopped by Malia and Sasha before she could put it on the table.

“Uh-uh-uh, use a coaster,” Obama explained their response. “And I'm like, you never used a coaster in my house!” Now when it's [their] stuff, [they] want to take care of it!”

It does not get more relatable than that.

All jokes aside, the mom of two gushed, “But the thing I love the most is that those two girls are each other’s best friends. And as you know, there was a period of time where they couldn’t stand each other, and I said, ‘You wait, you’re gonna wake up one day, and you’re going to look over to that other person, and you’re gonna know that you two special some very unique and especially given what they’ve been through.”

She admits that their bond is something she is really proud of, saying, “To see them in that place, where they are one another’s support systems, and they’ve got each other’s back; it’s just the thing that a mother would want.”

She recounted her time in the White House and how her priorities, from the beginning, were to be “Mom and Chief” first, explaining, “If I couldn’t raise my children [and] make sure they got through that experience whole, how could I help anybody else?”

The sisters currently live together in Los Angeles, as Malia continues her career in television and Sasha attends the University of Southern California. While the duo has recently been in the tabloids for stories about their dating life, the Obamas are totally cool with it.

“I think it's wonderful. I want them to know what they want and who they are in a relationship. And that takes trying on some people,” Michelle told Robin Roberts during a 20/20 interview.

She also shares that Barak has adjusted well to having young adult children, also, explaining, “Look, they are 24 and 21. They were in high school. They went to prom. They've lived life. And he's learned how to be a concerned Black father, but not crazy.”

Sounds like Sasha and Malia just have to up their martini game and they’ll really have everything going for them.