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Olivia Munn’s Post-Baby ‘Snapback’ Consists Of Sweatpants And Lots Of Cheese

All hail this new mom's show-it-like-it-is mentality.

Olivia Munn might look glamorous here, but she was sporting a different look in a hilarious photo th...
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it comes to keeping it real about postpartum life, Olivia Munn takes the cake. Or shall we say cheese? The actor, who welcomed son Malcolm Hiep with partner John Mulaney in November, knows us new moms are just trying our best to put on tight jeans and stay clear of our local supermarket’s cheese display. Leave us be, please?

Munn, 41, shared a hilarious photo of herself on Instagram over the weekend, in which she was caught red-handed by a friend rummaging through a table of parmigiano reggiano at what looks to be a Whole Foods store.

“This is my #snapback. Wearing my boyfriend’s shirt AND pants. Hair a mess. Shopping for cheese,” she captioned the picture, referencing the dreaded “post-baby body” phrase so many women hear after carrying, birthing and nourishing a human child.

“No lie, I thought I was holding it together pretty good until I saw this photo,” she continued. “I thought the wedge sneakers made me look a little more pulled together but I was wrong. Thanks for capturing this moment @kellynotcasey.”

A wedge (shoe) for a wedge (of cheese) sounds like a pretty good deal to us.

Comedian Whitney Cummings commented on the post, “100 percent John’s fault because they’re his clothes — also his sperm did this,” with Munn’s former “New Girl” co-star adding, “Literally had to do a double take. Thought it was me and someone had caught me out in the wild 🙃.”

As silly as she thinks she looks, Munn is so not alone in her postpartum journey as almost certainly every new mother has been spotted in a grocery store’s cheese or dessert section on many an occasion. Sustenance, people! It’s all we have in those long, beautiful weeks at home with a hungry, wet and restless newborn.

In all seriousness, Munn is a true ally when it comes to being honest about her experience post-birth. She not only shares adorable photos of her 4-month-old son, she opens up about the struggles of brand new motherhood, the pressure to breastfeed and the expectation to bounce back.

“Postpartum life right now: everyone’s asleep except me. Been wearing the same sweatshirt for three days (I think, maybe more?). I’m pretty sure that’s spit-up on my shirt,” she posted to Instagram Stories last month alongside a middle-of-the-night mirror selfie. “I’m so happy and at the same time I’m struggling (weird to feel both simultaneously yet so grateful to have all the happiness to keep me afloat).”

Munn clearly knows that humor and humility will get her through this stage of parenthood, along with some cheese.