That Chemistry You See Between Brad And Billie On 'Sex/Life' Is 100% Real

by Elisha Beach
Brad and Billie, sitting on couch and looking at each other with a pink background
Scary Mommy and Netflix

Can we talk about the new Netflix show “Sex/Life”?!?! It’s mommy porn to the 100th degree. Yes…the 100th because it is pretty smoking hot. And apparently, some of those sex scenes are super hot for a reason: Two of the stars, Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos are together in real life, and you need to see their Instagrams because they are really, really into each other, mmmkay?

If you haven’t managed to watch “Sex/Life” yet… put the kiddos to bed early, grab a good glass of wine (or maybe even something more substantial) and get to watching. But if you have managed to watch even just a few episodes of the show, try taking a wild guess at who the hot couple might be — I mean, it only takes a couple of scenes to feel the sizzling chemistry between stars Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos.



On Netflix’s “Sex/Life”, Sarah Shahi plays Billie Connelly, a suburban mother of two married to straitlaced Cooper Connelly (played by Mike Vogel). But she longs for the passionate sex life she had with her bad-boy ex Brad Simon (played by Adam Demos). It doesn’t take long before Billie’s daring sexual past collides with her current married, suburban life. And honey, it’s a hot mess in more ways than one.

Apparently, Sarah and Adam met on the set of “Sex/Life” and went public with their romance in December of 2020. Shahi told PEOPLE Magazine, “I was really blown away by him just as a person, and all I knew was that I wanted more.” And most people were completely unaware of this budding romance before the show hit the small screen, even though they both openly shared their feelings for each other on Instagram before the show even premiered.



Eight weeks ago, in the sweetest birthday celebration post, Sarah Shahi stated she and Adam were meant to be together and that she found her forever. She shared, “I do know I’ve loved him for a thousand lifetimes before and will love him for a thousand lifetimes more.” And Adam sweetly responded to her, “My forever and more … I love you so fucking much my baby.”


And about seven months ago, Adam adamantly declared his love in a birthday post for Sarah and stated, “You’re everything.” And in another post on Instagram celebrating his birthday, he referred to Sarah as his angel with a series of photos showing a romantic trip to Georgia.

And based on their comments on each others’ latest Instagram posts, things are still hot and heavy between the two of them. Sarah is constantly calling him cute nicknames like “Moon Baby,” and Adam is always using expletive language making it quite clear that he can’t seem to contain himself when it comes to her.

And by the looks of comments on both Sarah’s and Adam’s Instagram posts, fans of Sex/Life are here for all of it. One fan commented, “This is such a sweet love story! I hope you both are living the best life!” And another fan proclaimed, “I CAN’T HANDLE THIS REAL LIFE ROMANCE.” And many fans have declared them the hottest couple ever, both on and off the screen.

So based on all this hoopla on social media, I think we can all assume that their real-life relationship is just as hot as what we see on the small screen. And if the scene in Episode 3 at minute 19:50 is true (go watch it for yourself)… then all I can say to Sarah is, “You better go momma!”

But seriously, here’s to hoping that this relationship lasts past the show’s hype because Adam and Sarah truly seem to be an adorable couple. And plus, that will probably help lock in a season 2 and make a lot of fans happy.