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Sexy Sci-Fi And Fantasy Shows Like ‘The 100’

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When The 100 premiered on The CW in 2014, some were quick to give it the write-off. On the surface, it was just another television show about teens, like The Vampire Diaries or Friday Night Lights. Just another show about a post-apocalyptic Earth. Both of those assertions were true, but the show turned out to be so much more.

The concept was simple and went a little like this: Ninety-seven years earlier, Earth was rendered seemingly inhabitable by a nuclear apocalypse. A small colony of humans started over in space stations in space, orbiting Earth in what they called “The Ark.” Of course, in order to keep the human race alive, they had to repopulate. Nearly a century later, The Ark had reached overpopulation. Enter the one hundred delinquent “teens” that The Ark’s leaders decide to send to Earth as guinea pigs. They’re tasked with an explorative mission, to test the ground, water, and everything else to see if it’s safe for humans to return to Earth or, you know, probably just die there. But, what happens when you leave 100 teens (“delinquent” or otherwise) to their own devices? In-fighting, rebellion, and hook-ups. Duh.

The 100 gave us everything our little hearts could desire. The teen angst was palpable… but not too Twilight-like. The post-apocalyptic Earth settings were expansive and let us escape reality. And the dystopian communities of leftover humans they soon discovered were a shocking and disturbing reminder of just how both fragile and fierce humans can be at any given moment. When the show ended after 100 episodes and seven seasons, we were truly gutted. Luckily, none of the tropes The 100 touched on were unique to the show. While no show has offered us the exact explosive and addictive combination as The 100, these shows might just be enough to fill the void.

Shows Like The 100

1. Z Nation

Z Nation is, at its very essence, another zombie show and certainly not the most popular one. While, at moments, the show can feel trite, there’s still a lot to love. First and foremost, you’ll find a bit of angsty teen romance. There was also a hefty amount of laughs. Unlike the zombie show further down, Z Nation never seemed to take itself too seriously. That made even the most unbelievable moments a little more fun. Plus, DJ Qualls is in it.

2. The Wilds

Holy wow, we love The Wilds! The diverse and female-heavy cast kept the series at the top of our radar before we’d even seen the first episode. From there, it only got better. If you’re wondering what teens are capable of when left in the worst circumstances and with nothing but each other, The Wilds is the answer and it’ll give you a ton of faith in our kids. The gist is simple: A gang of girls is on a flight to a retreat when their plane crashes and they’re stranded together on the island. Yes. It’s Lost but with a younger, more female cast. We’re about it.

3. Terra Nova

This show is both surprisingly similar and wildly different from The 100. By 2149, Earth has become inhabitable thanks to pollution and overdevelopment. Seem familiar? Here’s where we veer in a completely different direction. While the scientists in The 100 sent humans to space, Terra Nova scientists sent humans… backward in time. They open a rift in time and step back into prehistoric Earth for a chance to start all over, again. Terra Nova follows the Shannons, in particular. And, yes, Boo Boo, there are dinosaurs.

4. Revolution

Did someone say “apocalypse?” We’re back at it, again, with another post-apocalyptic survival story. This time, though, the apocalypse looks pretty lush. The show’s premise is original: Fifteen years ago, all electricity shut off all over the world, and humanity has had to adjust to a perpetual blackout. Governments fell, societies fell into chaos, and the mystery of why the lights went out — and if they will ever come back — is yet to be solved.

5. The Society

The 100 and The Society don’t seem similar at first glance. After all, one is set in a post-apocalyptic future and one is set in… a modern-age small town. But, The Society can actually offer a ton of similar vibes thanks to its young lead characters with bad reputations and the chance to see, yet again, what happens when you leave young people to their own devices. Here’s a spoiler: It’s a shit storm — but they make it through.

6. Ragnarok

Ragnarok is lovely thanks to its Norwegian setting, the landscape, the clothes, and the cinematography. All good. This story follows a small town experiencing some wild and unexplained weather phenomena and, of course, only the teens can solve the problem. If you want to escape from adulthood and live vicariously through some smart, beautiful teens but you’ve already rewatched The 100 a few times, give Ragnarok a chance.

7. Battlestar Galactica

Do you really, really miss The 100? Then you need to go full-nerd and dive into BSG. The premise is almost exactly the same except these wary humans are exploring space, instead of the torched Earth. BSG is a well-loved, much-obsessed over science fiction classic. Even if you go in wanting to hate it, you’ll love it.

8. The Leftovers

The Leftovers is a series that tells the story of a world that experiences a rapture-like phenomenon. It starts three years after 140 million people vanish from the earth — a strange event called the “Sudden Departure.” Afterward, cults begin to grow, and families get torn apart. Filled with mystery, The Leftovers follows the lives of those left behind.

9. Lost

The show begins as a story about a commercial plane that crashes onto a deserted and strange island. After the accident, the passengers find themselves in a mysterious place filled with creepiness, supernatural beings, and spooky beach adventures. Lost has six terrifying and mind-bending seasons that’ll keep you glued to your screen. It’s a little like Gilligan’s Island meets Fantasy Island. (Just way less light-hearted.)

10. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a gory series about a world overrun by zombies. And although it’s about undead foes, it has an amazing plot that shows what happens when humanity is tested and survival is the only thing left. If you’re looking for a thrilling and scary series with depth and memorable characters, look no further: The Walking Dead is not your typical zombie apocalypse series.

Even More Shows Like The 100

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  4. Star-crossed
  5. Pandora
  6. Under The Dome
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  8. Legends of Tomorrow

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