'SNL' Reveals What Moms 'Actually Want' For Christmas, And It's Too Real

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(SNL / YouTube)

What do moms really want for Christmas? It’s not something you can buy at HomeGoods

Last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live looked different from SNLs past. With the surge of COVID cases in New York City, the show opted to go on but without an audience and a limited cast. Still, the small crew brought big laughs with a pre-recorded holiday sketch starring Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon, and Paul Rudd. Bryant and McKinnon play two mothers of adult children who love to shop at HomeGoods and Rudd plays director Casey Homegoods (who says he got this job directing the commercial based on “merit”).

Rudd asks the women to name something they want for Christmas. The two mothers go back and forth, saying that they “aren’t fussy” and don’t want anyone to “spend too much money” on them. “Just a small — nothing” Bryant says, waving her hands in a “please-don’t-fuss-over-me” way. We’ve all heard these exact words from our own mothers, right? Rudd tries to get the women to say what they really want for Christmas, and after a couple of moments, both women say “Grandchildren.”

There’s no stopping this train once it’s left the station.

The more Rudd tries to convince the moms to name a more attainable gift from HomeGoods, the more the moms find ways to say that they want grandchildren, and they want them now

Rudd laughs and asks the women to name something from HomeGoods, but the women can only focus on one thing: grandbabies. “A son for my son,” Bryant says. “Five grandchildren,” she adds when Rudd asks for a different gift idea. Exasperated, Rudd tries to get the women to focus on purchasable gifts, which, to their credit, they do… sort of. Bryant says she wants a “fuzzy blanket… to swaddle grandchildren,” and McKinnon says she wants a “cake stand” — but then adds she would like “grandchildren on top” of said cakestand.

The requests for grandkids only gets more and more aggressive, as the two mothers talk about cutting holes in condoms. “I want them to do the naked marriage dance,” Bryant says of her daughter Kelsey and her husband. “I want the baby to come out of Kelsey so I can take it to Red Lobster,” Bryant adds.

Rudd cuts the take and yells at the women for being obsessed with grandchildren only to realize that he too, actually wants grandchildren. “Oh my god, I want grandchildren. Grandchildren are amazing. They don’t blame you for anything, they just play clarinet and get into college. I want that!”

Viewers really felt this sketch. “I CANT EVEN BEGIN TO TELL YOU HOW AWKARD THIS WAS TO WATCH WITH MY PARENTS,” one person commented on the video. “Hilarious! My daughter and I love shopping at HomeGoods but it’s true, what I reallllly want is grandchildren 🤣” added another.