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These ‘Stranger Things’ Fans Perfectly Recreated Max’s Floating Scenes In Their Front Yard For Halloween

Seriously, did this family make a deal with Vecna to recreate Max Mayfield floating in their yard?

A couple in Illinois took 'Stranger Things' as their their inspiration for Halloween decorations, an...

There is always that neighbor that goes above and beyond when it comes to decorating their house for Halloween, and this year is no exception. Case in point? These Stranger Things fans in Plainfield, Illinois, who have recreated the moments of Season 4 where Max floats in the air as she is possessed by Vecna. And it’s so realistic that it has horror fans scratching their heads.

The life-sized floating replica of Sadie Sink’s Max Mayfield doesn’t appear to be directly under a tree or structure. Fans have been trying to guess how Dave and Aubrey Appel, the couple behind the TikTok account @horrorprops, have put together such a stunning scene.

“Maybe a wire running from the roof to a tree that’s out of the picture?” suggests one. “There’s clearly a string connected to a satellite in outer space. How don’t y’all know this?! 🙄🙄,” jokes another.

The floating Max is the the centerpiece of a massive Stranger Things landscape taking over the Appel’s yard. Giant black shards shoot up from the lawn a la the Upside Down. Other ghouls and creepy crawlies are scattered throughout the scene. And as Halloween gets closer, the Upside Down only gets creepier and creepier as the Appels make additions.

Each year the couple starts their Halloween decorating on August 1. This year, the couple really wanted to outdo themselves. "There's so many people out there who are fanatics like we are, so we wanted to make something that was the most iconic scene from the show; something maybe no one else could try and do," Dave told CBS 2.

And while he didn’t reveal his trade secret, Dave did say what is *not* holding up Max: “"It's not drones. It's not helium or balloons," he said, "and we just felt like it was more fun to keep it under wraps." It’s also probably safe to say that it is not Vecna himself suspending the mannequin in the air.

The good news is that while the couple hasn’t revealed their secret yet, like with all of their incredible Halloween decorations, a how-to video is in the works. “When we first made this prop we did not make a how to video,” the couple commented. They also noted that “this video is the key,” so eagle-eyed viewers might be able to start piecing together the tutorial themselves.

Fans in the Chicagoland area can check out the real life Stranger Things display, along with other homes haunted-out to the max as part of the Chicago Haunted Builders tour.