Summer screenings

Summer Is All About Chill Vibes! Sizzle Down With These 10 Summer Movies

Outside is calling, and so is movie night.

by Simone Johnson

Summer is made of a million relaxing things to do, and watching summer-themed flicks is definitely on the list. These movies embody all the endearing parts of the season like romance, adventure, and, of course, beaches. So at the end of your own sunny day, come home to these movies.

Vestron Pictures/Great American Films Limited Partnership

Baywatch | 2017

The 1989 Baywatch series gets a cinematic facelift starring Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron. On a new modern adventure, the Baywatch team works together to take down a dangerous crew of criminals— their efforts are both hilarious and gripping.

Paramount Pictures/Uncharted