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Clea Shearer of ‘The Home Edit’ Is Cancer Free 9 Months After Her Original Diagnosis

The Netflix star opened up about what it was like finding out the good news.

Clea Shearer of 'The Home Edit' says that her cancer is in remission after a nine-month battle.
Michael Buckner/Variety/Getty Images

Just nine months ago, Clea Shearer, co-founder of the professional organizing team — The Home Edit — was diagnosed with stage 2 mammary carcinoma. Now, she is happy to tell the world she is cancer free.

In a sneak peak of Friday's episode of the Tamron Hall Show, the home organizer to the stars opened up about what it was like finding out that she was cancer free after her battle with breast cancer.

“I am cancer free,” Shearer, 40, revealed to host Tamron Hall as the audience erupted into applause for the mom of two. She shares daughter Stella Blue, 11, and son Sutton Grey, 8, with her husband of 13 years, professional photographer, John Shearer.

Her best friend and business partner Joanna Teplin was also sitting next to her, smiling during her friend’s announcement.

Hall then asked Shearer what it felt like to hear that amazing news. “It was extremely emotional,” she shared. “I spent the whole day just living with that emotion.”

She then explained that a friend, who was also going through cancer treatment, warned her that when she got the news of being cancer-free, it would be sort of a world altering experiencing.

Shearer continued, “I had a friend warn me — she's a few weeks ahead of me — she said, ‘Just so you know, when you reach the end of treatment, you're going to feel a little bit like you're in the middle of the earth. Because all of the thoughts that you had day in and day out, you don't have to have them anymore. You don't have be at doctors everyday. You don't have to do all that, so you're going to feel a little helpless.’”

Shearer then said that her friend was spot-on. “I had a little bit of that feeling waking up, it's a very weird feeling. You grow attached to the process that you're in and committed to this process.”

She then turns to her friend, Teplin and said, “I called Joanna, and I was like, can we do something? Can you come pick me up?”

Shearer discovered a lump in her breast in late February 2022 and was diagnosed with two aggressive 1cm tumors by the beginning of March. The Get Organized with The Home Edit star underwent a bilateral mastectomy in April.

The cancer spread into Shearer’s lymph nodes, and she then underwent a total of 20 weeks of chemo therapy plus two months of radiation.

The Best Friend Energy podcast host publicly announced her cancer-free status with an Instagram post in November following her final radiation treatment. “I'm done! Today marks my journey from cancer patient, to cancer SURVIVOR. I haven't stopped crying since I was able to ring the bell,” she wrote on Instagram alongside several black and white photos and a video of her ringing a bell which symbolizes a cancer patient’s completion of cancer treatment.

After her diagnosis, Shearer launched the Clea Shearer Breast Cancer Research Fund. One hundred percent of direct donations to the foundation benefit cancer research and programs thanks to an endowment that covers operating costs.

Shear hopes her foundation will help “raise awareness about self detection, early detection, and making sure that women have access to screenings wherever they live and whenever they need them," Shearer told PEOPLE at the time.

“It's what saved my life and whatever we can do collectively — and whatever I can do individually — to push that forward with every ounce of my being, I will do. This is a mission and a journey that I will be on forever and whatever little impact I can make, I want to make it.”