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TikTok Mom Exposes The Nightmare of Potty Training, And The Comments Are Gold

Toddler Austin is learning to use the potty and according to his mom, it's not going so smoothly.

A mom shared her struggle potty training her toddler, and it is disgusting and relatable.

If you’re looking for your wheelbarrow-sized dose of birth control, look no further. A mom is trending on TikTok after posting her version of a viral trend where she explains how her potty training is going with her toddler, Austin. Spoiler alert: he’s going everywhere but the toilet.

The video shows a very jovial and perfectly content Austin, who is watching something on a tablet. His mom writes in captions, “Hey Austin, have you been using the big boy potty?!”

Spoiler alert: Austin has not been using the big boy potty.

In a freeze frame of Austin smiling at the camera, she adds, “Austin was not...Austin was using his bedroom closet... wiping with his clean clothes...then tried to flush the evidence.”

While the video itself is hilarious, the real golden nuggets are in the comments, where parents and non-parents alike join in on the fun with their own stories and commentary on the wonders of potty training.

For those who aren’t parents just yet, this video was the ultimate birth control, and honestly, as a mother, I am just as frightened by this story.

“My tubes just tied themselves in a double knot,” one person said. “Reason #435 why I don’t want to have children,” said another.

The video received over 3.2 million views, and in the 350k comments, the hilarious stories recounted are abundant and just too good not to share.

“My kids put a box in their closet for “night time poops” because they were scared to walk 5ft to the bathroom,” said one parent, who had 16 replies to her share. “Is there an age limit on the safe haven boxes at the firehouse???” another wrote.

The most tasteful, in my opinion, was, “my daughter pooped on her tea party plates while playing in her room. Told us it was brownies, [and] wanted us to eat it. she was 2 FYI and now 25.”

Followers also pointed out the ultimate silver lining, however, saying that, at the very least, Austin is attempting to clean up his own mess. “At least he wiped,” one person commented. “I mean, he was using it... Just added a few extra steps,” another joked.

The moral of the story, I think, was perfectly stated by a user, writing, “TikTok has taught me that little kids [like] to shit around the house, and it’s making me nervous that I did that as a kid, and my parents just didn’t tell me.”

As a mom of a toddler who has put off potty training because of stories like this, I am now newly horrified. However, I have a new hope that my son will make strides to wipe and clean up, like Austin.